Brandon and Grace: Is the Farmer Wants a Wife Pair Still Together?

Fox’s ‘Farmer Wants a Wife‘ offers farmers, who often lead independent and sometimes solitary lives, a chance to find love. In the second season, one of the four farmers, Brandon Rogers from Center, Colorado, was introduced to nine women to court and connect with. Brandon felt a genuine connection with Grace Girard among these women. When it came time to decide, he chose to pursue a relationship with her. Some doubts and apprehensions marked their time on the show, but also genuine compatibility. Whether they can sustain their connection remains to be seen.

Brandon and Grace Helped Each Other Grow

The first time Grace Girard and Brandon Rogers saw each other was during their speed dating session, and even in that brief interaction, they could find a spark with each other. Their exchange was marked by friendly remarks and banter, a dynamic that continued throughout the season. It felt like a good fit and match for both of them, leading them to take chances to go on dates and get to know each other better. Although Brandon explored relationships with other contestants, there was something about Grace that he couldn’t ignore.

As the competition intensified, Brandon began to doubt the future of his relationship with Grace. She was from Wisconsin and worked as a Communications Associate, making her a city girl through and through. While Brandon appreciated that she had her career and independent life, he worried about the impact of the distance between them, given his roots in Colorado. However, when it was time to introduce Grace to his family, she won each of their hearts, even bringing his father to tears with her vulnerability.

Brandon found himself at a crossroads in the finale, choosing between Grace and Emerson Sears. Both women had significantly impacted him, and the decision was anything but easy. However, Brandon ultimately chose Grace, reflecting on the depth and duration of their connection. Throughout the season, he felt that he had gotten to know her on a deeper level, which gave him the confidence that they could build a sustainable and meaningful relationship.

Brandon and Grace are Just Friends Today

After filming for the season concluded, Grace Girard and Brandon Rogers spent time touring San Luis Valley together, enjoying each other’s company and the company of their friends and family. Despite this, they revealed that they were no longer together during the reunion episode. Brandon expressed his appreciation for Grace, acknowledging her as a fantastic woman with whom he had a strong connection. However, he felt their bond was more akin to friendship than a romantic one. Grace, on the other hand, was more upset by the separation, stating that her feelings for Brandon were more substantial than his feelings for her. She acknowledged that she had given her all, which was what she could do.

Despite their romantic split, the two remain connected and are friends. Brandon continues to work as a potato and barley farmer in Center, Colorado. He shares this aspect of his life publicly and has recently been very engaged in promoting the second season of ‘Farmer Wants a Wife.’ In a heartfelt post, he thanked Grace for her support and the growth she helped him achieve. Brandon remains friends with the other three farmers featured in the season, describing their bond as a friendship of a lifetime. He is also the vice-preside of Ski Hi Stampede, Colorado’s oldest pro rodeo. He enjoys spending time with his adorable dog, Ria, and his little furry cat in his free time and has a passion for golf.

Brandon is also leveraging his popularity to build a digital platform, collaborating with brands like Hot Ones and Otter Creek Farmstead & Distillery. Grace has returned to her life in Racine, Wisconsin, where she has expressed immense gratitude for the support she received from her fellow Wisconsinites during her time on the reality TV series. She also expressed gratitude towards Brandon for being her strongest supporter. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2019, she works as a Community Affairs Associate at SC Johnson. Her professional journey has also included positions at firms like Uline and Hammes. An avid traveler, Grace has explored much of the country, from Nashville to Miami, drawing strength and love from her close circle of friends.

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