Brandon Armstrong From Dancing With The Stars: Everything We Know

Fans of the long-running reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ might be familiar with the name – Brandon Armstrong. He has been around the grand ‘DWTS’ stage for years now. Brandon has been entertaining fans with his impeccable foxtrot, energetic rumba, and electrifying Latin ballroom dancing, ever since he got promoted to a full-time pro dancer in 2018. Before becoming a pro dancer, Brandon had been showcasing his talent as a long-time troupe member on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ while also performing on the ‘DWTS’ Live Tours. Brandon is easily one of the most likable dancers on the show. Want to know more about this charmer of a dancer? Well, we have all the details for you right here.

Brandon Armstrong: Age and Nationality

Born and raised in California, Brandon moved to Utah with his family when he was 11 or 12 years of age. He was born on June 5, 1994, and turned 26 in 2020. Brandon has two younger sisters – one is 21-years-old, while the other is 17. Brandon is, by his own admission, a huge mama’s boy! He seems very devoted to his mom Carlene, and she also completely dotes on him.

Brandon has been dancing ever since he was 12. He received training under ‘DWTS’ veteran Mark Ballas, ultimately replacing him when Mark left the show. Brandon has also been a long-time friend of another ‘DWTS’ pro, Lindsay Arnold. Brandon has trained extensively in jazz, hip hop, and contemporary, but his specialty is Latin ballroom.

Brandon Armstrong’s Dating Life

Brandon is currently single, and going by his last Valentine’s Day post on Instagram, he has been single for quite some time. Apparently, Brandon is looking forward to changing that status and wants to date seriously. Not just date, it seems Brandon has expressed interest in getting married in his previous interviews. Well, with his gentlemanly charm and jaw-dropping dancing skills, he should have no trouble finding himself a girlfriend soon!

Brandon Armstrong: Performances and Dancing Partners

Brandon has a long history with ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ Back in 2008, he won the first DWTS junior ballroom competition at 14. Before joining ”DWTS,’ Brandon used to teach ballroom dance lessons at the Millenium Dance Complex in Salt Lake City. Not long after that, he auditioned on season 12 of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ but was told to come back after he hit 18 since he was underage at that time. Brandon did manage to get his ticket to Las Vegas on ‘SYTYCD’ when he returned at age 20.

Even though he didn’t win the competition, it got him through the door, and he caught the attention of the industry biggies. Soon after, Brandon was brought on board the ‘DWTS’ wagon as a troupe member. Brandon has also mentored contestants on ‘DWTS Junior.’ Brandon has partnered with fellow ‘DWTS’ pro-Lindsay Arnold for his ‘SYTYCD’ audition. For Brandon’s pro dancer stint in season 27, he was paired alongside singer-songwriter Tinashe.

Brandon and Tinashe were among the strongest contenders that season, having impressed the judges and viewers with their energetic jive number in their first performance. They performed increasingly well but were ultimately eliminated in Week 4: Trio Night, during which they performed a tango routine with Amy Purdy. Fans of the show were not happy with their elimination, as they felt that Brandon and Tinashe deserved to go further in the competition.

For season 28, Brandon was partnered with legendary singer and The Supremes founding member Mary Wilson. They got some rave reviews for performing an excellent foxtrot number in the premiere episode, but sadly they were the first couple to be eliminated from the show. Season 29 marks Brandon’s third time as a pro dancer on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and we hope this is the year he takes home the Mirrorball trophy.

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