Brandon Leake From AGT: Everything We Know

‘America’s Got Talent’ or ‘AGT’ is a popular NBC series which sees performers from across the US coming to showcase their talents in hopes of a grand prize. The audiences and judges are often enamored by the performances and the contestants try to keep offering something new, each time they’re on the stage. We have seen various skills on the show, but for the first time, we have a spoken word poet, Brandon Leake, taking the stage in ‘America’s Got Talent.’ The best thing is that Leake’s art has an added social value, which might make you curious about the performer. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Brandon Leake Nationality: Where Is He From?

Brandon Leake is an American by birth and hails from the ghettos on the south side of Stockton, California. Eventually, Brandon made his way out of the ghetto, facing several hurdles, and got into a college classroom. After his career as a spoken word poet started to take off, he traveled from Los Angeles to New York, and everywhere in between for almost a year. Here’s Brandon posting about his city.

Who is in Brandon Leake’s Family?

Brandon grew up in a single-parent household and was raised by his mother, Carla Leake-Gibson. He’s stated that he’s been close to his grandfather, but never knew his dad. However, Brandon remains close to his mother, and you can see the two enjoying a movie night.

Brandon has also found his own happiness in life and is married to Anna Leake. The couple has a daughter together. You can check out the lengthy post that Brandon’s made about his family.

Brandon Leake Age and Career:

Leake is around 28 years old. Brandon’s journey from the ghetto to the college classroom has been riddled with difficulties, including his abusive home life, and the loss of family members. However, the trials mixed with his spiritual collegiate journey to blossom into a wonderful poetic journey that continues for him.

He started Called To Move or CTM in 2012, at Simpson University. Initially, the group involved a few likeminded artists trying to share their gifts and encouraging others to do so as well. Brandon’s debut album ‘In My Thoughts’ took him to new heights of fame, and he’s also released ‘Deficiencies: A Tale From My Dark Side.’ Brandon has authored a book titled ‘B-Sides: Lifes Scraps Can Still Be Beautiful’ as well.

Currently, he appears on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ However, Brandon aims to help his community too, so he often leads workshops for kids and deals with social issues. Most recently, Brandon is set to head a masterclass for The Poet Life, telling others how he managed to break barriers and reach where he is. Here’s a sample of Brandon’s work.

Brandon Leake Prediction: How Far Will He Go?

Leake has a touching story about overcoming hardships to be where he is today. It will undoubtedly win him some points with fans who will find the tale relatable. However, Brandon will also have to continue delivering quality content if he expects to go far in the competition.

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