Is Brandon Leake Married? Does He Have Children?

Brandon Leake has made history by being the first spoken word artist to make it straight to the quarterfinals on the 15 seasons-long ‘America’s Got Talent’ in addition to winning the whopping million-dollar prize. With his extraordinary talent, he has not only bagged the opportunity of a headline slot at a concert in Las Vegas but also put poetry slam on the mainstream map. Brandon’s moving performances have hit close to home for most people because they come from an extremely personal space.

The supremely talented slam poet puts his raw emotions and life-experiences into words and presents forth his vulnerability on the stage. The acclaimed artist confesses that being a husband and a father comes before all the honorable titles. Let us look closely at the little heaven that he has created for himself back at home!

Brandon Leake’s Early Life

The NBC reality star had been penning down his feelings throughout the middle and high school years. While growing up, Brandon would randomly be found scribbling words that he would string together into moving poetry. After trying his hand at martial arts and basketball, Brandon realized his passion while working with Stockton Poet Laureate Tama Brisbane on an All-America City piece. In 2012, he became the founder of the ‘Called To Move’ student poetry group that gradually turned into an organization. It aims to help the youth use their mighty voice to express themselves and bring about a significant change in society.

Joining the Sacramento slam poetry team in 2015 was a turning point in his life. Brandon garnered modest appreciation during his solo performances at the 40 shows across the globe. But his rejection from AGT in 2017 left him disappointed, and he got himself a teaching job at Able Charter Schools, Stockton. His burgeoning poetry career got a boost after his second tour, comprising 150 shows. The album ‘Deficiencies: A Tale from My Dark Side’ has also augmented his growth as a poet and platform orator.

Trivia: Brandon’s audition consisted of a heart-wrenching poem about his late sister, who passed away when she was only eight months old. His straight-from-the-heart words sent Brandon directly to the Lve Shows, which eventually made him the second person in the show’s history, to bag a Golden Buzzer and also become the winner. He also wrote about the fears of his mother as a single parent and an African-American woman.

Brandon Leake’s Wife and Daughter

Brandon’s debutant album ‘In My Thoughts’ that released in 2016, brought him a little recognition but a lot of love. While he was touring solo around 12 states to perform his still underrated poetry, a mutual friend introduced him to the lovely Anna Rebekah during a show at Stockton, California. It was practically love at first sight for the slam poet. After dating for almost a year, they got married on September 2, 2017.

The newlywed husband felt responsible for the growing family and decided to pursue a more stable career. But he could not fight off his heart’s calling for a very long time. The following year, Brandon booked 150 shows throughout the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand, along with releasing an album and writing a book of poetry. The couple welcomed an adorable daughter on February 29, 2020, whom they named Aaliyah James Leake.

Brandon credits all the fame and success he gained from ‘America’s Got Talent’ to his daughter as he considers her his lucky charm. His little “booboo” was born only 14 days prior to his AGT audition. The artistic educator and the motivational speaker feels like his world is now complete with his wife and daughter.

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