Brass Roots Snacks Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

In season 14 episode 12 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ Aaron Gailmor introduced his company, Brass Roots, which produces healthy snacks made from organic Sacha Inchi seed. Popularly known as the “Incan Peanut” or an “ancient superfood” from Peru, Sacha Inchi is a star-shaped fruit grown for its nutritious seeds. The CEO and Founder presented his company in front of the Sharks hoping to get a life-changing investment to expand production and distribution of the line of sacha inchi snacks, and in turn, work towards community service and making a real change.

Brass Roots aims to provide a healthy alternative to snacks and also satiate the taste of people who have a nut allergy but miss the nutty flavor. Their goal is to provide accessibility to healthier foods in different communities and educate them about nutritional well-being. Such a delicious product surely piqued our interest, and we decided to chart the company’s growth. Let’s dive in!

Brass Roots Snacks: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Aaron Gailmor, the CEO and Founder of Brass Roots, earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Economics from the Boston College Carroll School of Management. He went on to hold prestigious positions as an Associate and later an Investment Analyst at Citi. He also worked as a Summer Financial Analyst at Liberty Mutual Group. Aaron is not new in the entrepreneurial game. He was also the co-founder of SuperEats, a company that sold high-protein Puffs.

Aaron always wanted to run his own business, and the passion for being an entrepreneur was always within him. He stumbled upon the Sacha Inchi seed after his father had a major heart attack in 2019. These seeds have a nutty flavor and are rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. They act as the perfect alternative to nuts and are a great snack with 0 carbs, perfect for one’s weight loss regimen and keto-friendly diet. Since his father’s health scare, he had been hellbent on finding the perfect healthy snack.

Thus, putting all his knowledge and expertise into use, Aaron created Brass Roots, a line of keto-friendly and allergen-friendly snacks. He was inspired by his community and roots in New Orleans and came up with Brass Roots to tackle the issue of unhealthy snacks and the lack of effective education pertaining to the accessibility to health-conscious yet delicious snacks. The brand primarily focuses on sustainable and ethical sourcing and has its roots embedded in community work and donation programs.

Brass Roots sources Sacha Inchi seeds from its farming partner Chan, which is based in Thailand and Laos. Chan also works towards the cause of community, and he has built a K-12 school and a university for the empowerment and education of children. Brass Roots use ethical and sustainable modes of sourcing by providing a fair wage to the farmers and engaging in spreading health awareness as well as promoting the idea of “Snack With A Purpose.”

Where Are Brass Roots Snacks Today?

Since the inception of Brass Roots in 2019, the company has been well-received in the market. What started as a healthy snack with a cause soon became one of the most liked alternative health-conscious and keto-friendly snacks and garnered major love amongst people with any form of nut allergy. Not surprisingly, the vegan brand saw 100% quarterly growth in the first year. The company hit its first significant milestone after getting a $1 million investment from one of the largest nut processing enterprises, John B Sanfilippo & Son Incorporation, which manufactures and sells the Fisher Brand.

The investment amount was used to distribute the product in 400 different Sprouts Markets. Brass Roots is also sold at Wegman’s and Whole Foods. The brand has received recognition from Forbes, Trendhunter, Food Tank, Women’s Health, and Veg News. It engages in different community works to help them bridge the gap between access to healthy snacks in low-income communities. The brand has an established partnership with the Mercy Foundation, which works towards providing community development projects and provide education to low-income communities in Thailand and Laos.

Brass Roots also provides free snacks and nutritional awareness education to local communities and organizations for youth empowerment and music education. Their local partners include Roots of Music, Covenant House, and Youth Run Nola. The New Orleans-based company is popular for all its products, which include Roasted Sacha Inchi, Sacha Inchi Seed Butter, and Crunch Puffs. The Roasted Sacha Inchi comes in three flavors, honey mustard, salt and vinegar, and lightly salted. The Seed Butter comes in three flavors — classic, unsweetened, and the fan-favorite, chocolate.

The gluten-free and grain-free Crunch Puffs are made with a unique blend of ingredients and are available in white cheddar, rosemary, truffle, and jalapeno cheddar flavors. The products range between $23.99 to $29.99, and you can find most of their products on sale starting from $14.99. The company is growing steadily with an excellent profit margin, and we are excited to see what new tasty and healthy snacks the brand launches.

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