Has Bre Tiesi Left The Oppenheim Group?

First seen in season 6 of Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset,’ Breana “Bre” Tiesi created a fanbase of her in a very short duration. Her popularity can largely be attributed to her non-apologetic personality and a tendency to remain firm on her stances. As such, she quickly became one of our own favorites, with the public always eager to see her accomplish more and more. However, in season 7 of the show, it seemed like Bre might not be all that happy with her position in The Oppenheim Group, AKA The O Group. Naturally, we have since continued to wonder if the realtor has really left the popular brokerage firm.

Is Bre Tiesi Still With The Oppenheim Group?

Towards the end of season 7 of the Netflix show, Bre Tiesi did not seem very satisfied with her association with The Oppenheim Group. Earlier in the season, she had felt slighted when Brett Oppenheim had not given her a $10 million listing, and she was instead handed a $5 million. The realtor firmly believed that she had the success rate to back herself and should have been trusted with the property with a higher price point. She did indeed tell Brett about her concerns for the same.

Later on, it seemed like Bre was still unhappy about how much she was earning with The Oppenheim Group, believing that her employers were getting a far higher cutter of commission than what they should be taking. “When it comes to business, I do not hesitate to fight for every dollar that needs to be earned. I’m coming up on one year at The O Group, and just like Jason’s expansion, I’m trying to expand my empire and this bag,” she explained her reasons about her following conversation with Jason Oppenheim.

After sitting down with Jason, Bre explained that at her previous brokerages, she would usually get 90% of the commission while her company got 10&. Hence, she felt it unfair that The Oppenheim Group had a much larger share. Jason pointed out that he thought that his company provided many unique services and would allow Bre to grow better with the help of other realtors, justifying the higher-than-typical broker share. At this, Bre could not help but scoff and state that she was quite unhappy with Chelsea Lazkani’s apparent attitude towards her. She also proclaimed that most of the clients that she had worked with during her time at the company were her own contacts and that the brokerage had not helped her much in regards to finding new leads.

Despite seeming disheartened that the dynamic between Bre and Chelsea had soured so much, Jason remained firm on the fact that he would be making any changes to the commission split, stating that every realtor in the company, no matter their position, tenure, or location, was on the same split. He also stated that he would give Bre more leads when she started earning his company more money. It was obvious that Bre had hoped for a different outcome and walked out feeling like she needed to rethink her place as a part of The Oppenheim Group.

However, as of writing, Bre is still associated with The Oppenheim Group as a Realtor Associate. Additionally, she works as a model and is also a popular internet content creator. Her Instagram account has over 1.1 million followers, while her YouTube channel has just over 10K subscribers. Prior to working at her current brokerage, Bre used to work at Keller Williams Beverly Hills, which is where she likely earned a 90% commission split.

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