Brenda and Travis: Is the Teenage Newlyweds Couple Still Together?

Among the many reality shows that follow married couples, Hulu’s ‘Teenage Newlyweds’ certainly stands out, primarily due to the young age of its cast members. While many people prefer waiting for a significant amount of time after their teenage years to get married, the stars of this show do not share the same mindset. Sure of their trust and love when it comes to their partners, these couples are ready to tie the knot and start a new chapter. In season 1, Brenda and Travis Wolf certainly had their fair share of differences, which made their on-screen journey an interesting one and has now left the world to wonder if they are still married to each other.

Brenda and Travis’ Journey Together

Having met each other in college, Brenda and Travis decided to get married at the ages of 19 and 20, respectively. However, for a couple so determined to adult and get married, the two did seem to have major differences regarding many of their core values. Travis confessed that he grew up in a conservative household and held those values dear to him. However, he also explained that the only thing his parents wanted from his partner was that she be someone who had God close to her heart.

While Brenda’s faith in the divine was evidently a strong one, the same could not be said for some other beliefs that Travis so adamantly held close. Even before their wedding, the two could be seen vehemently fighting each other over topics like gay marriage and feminism, given Brenda’s liberal inclinations. As such, it was hardly a wonder when Brenda’s sister, mother, and grandmother all expressed concern over what would happen to the two post-marriage.

Though Brenda and Travis had waited till marriage to sleep together, it was not long before they were faced with the idea of a possible pregnancy. This sparked a debate between them as Brenda thought they should go for an abortion should she be pregnant, as she did not think that their financial condition would allow them to raise a child properly. However, Travis did not agree with the idea of an abortion, with the threat of him leaving his wife in the air should she go ahead with an abortion.

Given that Brenda was not actually pregnant, their debates became hypotheticals, though it did help them realize just how much they differed from each other. It certainly did not help that Brenda was miffed that Travis had spent their joint money on skate shows, leading to a rather underwhelming party to celebrate Brenda’s 20th birthday. Eventually, the couple did go to a counseling session and were able to clear things out, with Travis ultimately admitting that he did not plan on leaving Brenda should she get an abortion in the future.

Brenda and Travis Remain Happily Married

Due to the explosive nature of their relationship, Brenda and Travis’ marriage remained a subject of speculation for many. Even their close ones were afraid of just how the two would navigate their marriage, given their vastly different mindsets. However, the reality TV stars stayed strong by each other’s sides and celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary on July 18, 2023. More often than not, they can be seen in each other’s company and remain in love.

Presently, Brenda and Travis do not have a child together. However, they do adore their fluffy canine pet called Mishka, who is often featured on Travis’ Instagram account. Of course, he often shares pictures of himself and his wife, always ready to appreciate her achievements, like her graduation from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in June 2019. Given their continued joy in each other’s company, we are sure their supporters must be delighted that they were able to overcome the obstacles that life presented them with.

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