Halie and George: Is the Teenage Newlyweds Couple Still Married?

‘Teenage Newlyweds’ focuses on various couples who have decided to tie the knot at a very young age, with either one or both of the partners being in their late teenage years. Their youth does make many people wonder if the cast members are ready to navigate the ups and downs of a marital relationship. Starting from their weddings, viewers join the couples as they face new challenges brought on by the latest chapter of their lives. Among the three couples that starred in season 1 of the show, Halie and George Alexander certainly captured the attention of the world in a unique manner, making many of the audience members wonder whether or not their marriage is still going strong.

Halie and George’s Journey Together

Both Halie and George grew up as a part of the Mormon church and held close to the ideals that they grew up with. Interestingly, the two got to meet each other thanks to a mission trip that George was on. During that time, he was apparently not allowed to pursue a romantic connection fully, but it was not long before he and Halie grew closer. For two weeks, they got to know each other more and more but refrained from being fully physically intimate, mainly due to the concept of norms of chastity that Mormons hold dear.

Following their two-week meet-up at the start of their relationship, Halie and George continued their connection via long distance. The two admitted that they likely did not know much about each other due to the physical distance between them before their marriage. However, they were also eager to explore the physical side of their relationship without compromising their beliefs. At the time of their marriage, Halie was 18 while George was 21 years old.

Despite their own dedication to the Mormon faith, Halie and George did try to include the latter’s brother Adam in the celebration, despite the fact that he had left the church. Following the marriage, Halie had to move to Utah, something that certainly left her emotional. Given that she had graduated from high school only a month ago, many expressed concern over how the transition would go. Together, the couple moved into the basement of a house that belonged to one of George’s relatives.

Apart from trying to learn just how saving and budgeting work, Halie and George have to try and tackle many more real-life challenges. While they are able to navigate many of these problems, Halie’s longing for her family remains a constant. Things only seem to get worse after Halie’s family visits her in Utah, making the separation even harder. Though this was initially hard for George to grasp, he was able to understand his wife’s point of view a bit more after a talk with his parents and later arranged for another reunion himself.

Halie and George Are Happily Married

We are delighted to share that Halie and George continue to enjoy marital bliss. Despite the somewhat shaky start of their marriage, the couple has remained at each’s sides throughout the years. While George is not very active on social media, his wife continues to update the world about what the two have been up to. The couple now lives in Long Beach, California, and never shy away from showing their affection for each other, with Hali especially taking every chance possible to hype up her partner.

On September 5, 2023, Halie and George celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary and are undoubtedly looking forward to many more happy years together. As of writing, the couple does not have any children but does have an adorable dog named Mona Lisa, whom they adore. In the past, Halie has especially been open about supporting LGBTQ+ rights and the Black Lives Matter movement. Presently, she is pursuing a career as a musician.

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