Emma and Joey: Is the Teenage Newlyweds Couple Still Married?

Seeing young love blossom into a marriage can often give people mixed feelings, given the responsibilities that such a step often denotes. In Hulu’s ‘Teenage Newlyweds,’ the concept is explored in much more detail by following various young couples who have decided to get married. As expected, they must navigate the ups and downs of such a relationship at a very young age, even with conflicting ideas and the sudden arrival of real-world challenges. For Emma and Joey Jackson from season 1, things were certainly not simple, even though they seemed sure about their love for each other. Now that several years have gone by since they tied the knot, the world cannot help but wonder if they have remained married to each other.

Emma and Joey’s Journey Together

High school sweethearts Emma and Joey chose to get married when the former was 19 and the latter was 21. While their parents did not seem keen on the idea of them getting married so young, the couple in question was only looking forward to the wedding, even rejecting the idea of pre-marriage counseling. While Emma’s parents did not seem happy about Joey’s lack of professional aspirations, Joey’s parents seemed to lament his reluctance to do chores and clean up after himself.

Following their wedding, Emma seemed eager to jump to the next big adulting step: buying a house. However, given their inexperience when it came to the real estate industry, the Oregon couple could not help but feel out of depth when they went to their first meeting. While this certainly made Emma determined to research everything and continue the search, Joey did not seem that passionate about the idea.

It did not help that Emma was slowly but surely getting tired of cleaning up after her husband. While the two were indeed able to talk about many things, including their mind when it came to future babies, the reality TV stars had not been able to properly adjust to their differences. While Joey declared his partner as a “nagger,” Emma thought he needed to clean up after himself. After a determined intervention on Emma’s behalf, things did seem to smoothen up.

Though Joey was initially reluctant to even try marriage counseling, he realized just how important it was to his wife, Emma. As such, he agreed to the idea, knowing just how pleased Emma would be with it. The decision was met with approval by many, including their parents, who had talked about doing so well before the two had tied the know. However, given the manner in which the two were often against each other, their marriage status became a subject of mystery.

Emma and Joey Are Enjoying Marital Bliss

Fans of the show will be happy to know that Emma and Joey are still together and happily call each other spouses. The couple celebrated their 8th anniversary on August 9, 2023. The two often post pictures with each other on social media, indicating that despite the years and the rough start, the reality TV stars are going stronger than ever. In fact, they became a family of three in November 2019 with the birth of their son.

Almost every social media post by Emma either features her son or talks about him as the main subject of attention. Her son with Joey has certainly wrapped the parents around his fingers, with Emma and Joey happily adoring their child. The sentiment certainly does seem understandable when one recalls the serious conversation between Emma and Joey that took place in the show regarding children and how much Emma seemed to want to experience pregnancy.

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