Brett Starke: Where is the Toronto Real Estate Agent Now?

Out of the many individuals who shone through their work in Amazon Prime’s ‘Luxe Listings Toronto,’ Brett Starke’s presence was certainly one of the most prominent ones. At the helm of The Starke Group, he showcased just how much of a grasp he has in the real estate market of the downtown area of Toronto, Ontario. His skills, both as a leader and a realtor, became more and more evident as he worked alongside his colleagues and rivals.

Brett Starke Has Worked Hard in the Real Estate Industry

More than anything, Brett seems to cherish his family and morals above all else. The son of Fern Starke is close with his brother Scott Starke, who is actually a part of The Starke Groups under his leadership. He also seems to have a good relationship with his sister, Katrina Starke Kuras. He is also someone who served his country by being part of the army reserves for three years after the 9/11 tragedy and attended university only after his time with the armed forces came to an end.

Brett actually has a background in law, having studied the subject at Carleton University from 2004 to 2008. This was followed by his entering the hospitality industry, where he became the General Manager of Pier 21 in December 2008. The Amazon Prime star held on to the position until June 2021, when he switched his focus and took up the role of Founder for Dodge City Country Saloon. In the same month, he became the general manager for Tequila Jacks.

January 2014 saw Brett leaving both of his then-existing ventures behind as he instead became a Founding Partner for Johnny McBeauty’s but retained the role only until April 2014. He also became a Founding Partner for People Nightclub and remained so until 2020. Soon enough, in September 2014, he entered the real estate industry by bagging the role of Sales Representative for Royal LePage Performance Realty – Ottawa Real Estate. He remained there until August 2016, when he switched companies and was given the title of Licensed Real Estate Salesperson by Royal LePage Real Estate Services.

The next switch in Brett’s career came when he became a Sales Representative for PSR Brokerage in March 2017 and then left Royal LePage Real Estate Services the next month. The former partnership remained until August 2021, when Brett finally decided to join hands with Rare Real Estate, a partnership that is also seen in the show. The work of The Starke Group, which was established in 2011, continued to thrive under many banners. In between the crucial career moves made by Brett, he also became a student at Harvard University in 2016 and completed the Program on Negotiation through Harvard Negotiation Institute.

Brett Starke is an Active Volunteer Today

Under Brett Starke’s leadership, The Starke Group is thriving in two major cities of Ontario: Toronto and Ottawa. Having been part of the industry for well over a decade, he has learned many crucial aspects of the work and is always happy to make his clients happy. The President of The Starke Group is quite eager to increase his reach and has already impressed many with his work ethic and leadership.

A prime example of Brett’s open heart is his extensive work as a volunteer. Since August 2020, he has been the President of the Board of Directors for the Conservative Party of Canada in Spadina-Fort York, Ontario. During this, he also served as the Campaign Manager for Sukhi Jandu from August 2021 to September 2021. Additionally, he is the Company Program Lead Advisor for JA Worldwide, having acquired the post in January 2017. In January 2024, he also became part of JA Central Ontario’s Board of Governors.

Not only is Brett doing quite well in his professional career, but he also seems quite happy with his family. His sister, Katrina Starke Kuras, got married in November 2023, and the realtor openly expressed his happiness about the development on social media. He also seems happy about working alongside his brother, Scott Starke, despite the hiccups that this has sometimes posed in the past. Moreover, he has an adorable dog named Dasha, whom he often posts about on social media.

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