Bri Muller: Below Deck Med Star Aspires to Become a Chief Stewardess

Over the years, Bravo’s reality series, ‘Below Deck Mediterranean,’ has been taking us on board several luxury yachts consisting of a new team of deckhands who work under pressure to host numerous guests and provide them with whatever they require. Although the ninth season follows the same format, the drama that ensues is different, considering there was a whole new bunch of deckhands on the Mustique. Amongst them was Bri Muller, who made an imprint on the viewers’ minds, thanks to her being at the center of most of the drama.

Bri Muller Hails From Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Born on the 22nd day of May, Sabrina Greer Muller hails from the city of Port Elizabeth, located in Algoa Bay in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. She shares a loving relationship with her mother, Sharon Muller, and also has a personal cheerleader in the form of a younger sibling, a brother named Michael Muller. She did her schooling from The Diocesan School for Girls (DSG), in Makhanda, Grahamstown. Sabrina then went on to enroll at Woodridge College, where she earned her Matric Certificate in Art and Design.

Interestingly, she started an aesthetician course to become a manicure and pedicure specialist. However, before she could obtain the professional certificate, she had to drop out due to a dearth of time. However, Sabrina’s love for water made her realize that her true calling lies in the yachting industry. She then signed up for the RYA Level 2 Powerboat Handling Course at the Ocean Star Sailing Academy, as well as a VHF radio course and PWC course from the same academy. Since then, the determined and hardworking individual has gone from strength to strength to fulfill her dreams. Bri is quite close to her mother and brother and never misses a chance to spend quality time with them, whenever she’s home.

Bri Muller is Also a Self-Employed Nail Artist Today

Beginning her professional career by part-time bartending at Thirst Bar Services from February to December 2020, she immediately bagged the job as a Personal Assistant at Steve Van Rooyen, where she worked for just a couple of months. Meanwhile, she also served as a part-time junior stewardess at Pullnorth. Ever since February 2021, she has been self-employed as a professional nail artist. Having worked on private as well as charter yachts, she has experience doing general housekeeping, performing silver service, laundry, table settings, and interior detailing.

As per Bri’s claims, she had prior experience working at a Moncao yacht show on a 40m and Flying Fox. All her personal experiences in her workspace have taught her to deal with clients in a confident and respectful manner. When Bri was asked to talk about the wildest charter story from her career, she stated, “So many crazy things have happened that crazy stories for other people are just normal day-to-day occurrences for me. I’d probably end up with a lawsuit if I had to tell you.”

The US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands are among her top two favorite places where she had been during the course of her career. In these two locations, she turned her dreams of swimming with dolphins into reality Talking about the truth related to working on the court and living off a boat, she revealed, “Believe it or not, but land sickness is a thing after spending a lot of time on a yacht. Your world rocks for maybe three days after hopping off the boat.” Since working in the yachting industry, Bri admittedly talked about the sacrifices and her experience as a female employee in the industry.

Bri said, “I’ve been in the industry for two years. All the boats were like 30 meters, 35 meters, but I never made it through a season. This laundry might seem like a molehill, but from my perspective, it’s like a mountain.” Aiming to make a long-term career in the yachting industry and become a Chief Stewardess, “I’m just trying my best to kick start my career- learn along the way to gain the knowledge I need in order to achieve my goal.”

Bri Muller Enjoys Her Single Life and Travels With Her Friends

Although Bri Muller appeared to have been involved with Joe Bradley on the show, she is seemingly leading a single and happy life. In her off-time, she mostly prefers to get out of it and indulge in various water activities. including scuba diving, snorkeling, tubing, and many more, highlighting her love for adventure and mother nature. She also values the presence of several loving friends in her life, with whom she spends a significant amount of time chilling, traveling to the beach, or hiking. With designer and vintage clothes on, she has traveled to multiple European destinations, including Spain, Monaco, France, Italy, and Croatia. Moreover, she has ticked off California, Puerto Rico, Greece, Turkey, Poland, South Africa, and the Cayman Islands from her travel list.

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