Jonathan Shillingford: Below Deck Med Star is Also an Avid Dancer

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ has long captivated audiences with its interesting mix of luxury yacht charters and crew drama on the high seas. The show, a spin-off of ‘Below Deck,’ brings viewers aboard lavish vessels navigating the stunning Mediterranean waters. In season 9, heads turned when Chef Anthony Iracane was unexpectedly fired, making way for Jonathan Shillingford to step in as his replacement on the superyacht Mustique, headlined by Captain Sandy Yawn. Even though it was his first stint on the show, Jonathan left quite an impact on the crew members and cuisine with his cheerful personality and skill set, thus prompting many to be intrigued to uncover more details about the chef.

Jonathan Shillingford is Proud of His Caribbean Roots

Jonathan Shillingford hails from the quaint town of Roseau, Dominica, and celebrates his birthday on the 7th of June. He shares a close relationship with his parents, Gregory and Gillian. His journey into the yachting industry spans seven years, during which he has cultivated a reputation as a culinary architect. He describes his unique approach to cooking by saying, “My training is architecture, so I feel like I build food.” His academic background includes seven years of rigorous study, culminating in a Master’s degree in Architecture. While he continues to practice design for a select group of clients, his primary passion lies in being a yacht chef.

Jonathan credits his mother, Gillian, as his unwavering support system: “My mom, Gilly, is my rock and the best cheerleader anyone could ask for.” He is not just a talented yacht chef; he also has a zest for life that extends beyond the galley. An avid dancer, he enjoys expressing himself through movement whenever he gets the chance. His enthusiasm for high-speed thrills is evident in his love for the Monaco Grand Prix and F1. He often indulges in luxurious vacations around the world. He has explored the glitz of Monte Carlo as well as soaked up the serene beauty of the South of France.

Jonathan was seen struttingSta on the streets of Barcelona and soaking the sun in the boats of Venice as of late. Despite his extensive travels, the native of the Caribbean island nation holds a special fondness for French Polynesia and the Tuamotu islands, describing them as “literally, heaven on earth.” Jonathan Shillingford has also attended the Hysteria Mas carnival and expressed high praise for the Ooni Pizza Oven and Cedric Grolet’s croissants, reflecting his passion for both excellence and vibrant cultural experiences.

Jonathan Shillingford is a Self-Made Culinary Architect

Jonathan Shillingford’s professional journey is as dynamic as his culinary creations. Despite spending years earning a Master’s degree in Architecture and practicing design for select clients, his primary passion lies in the culinary arts. Emphasizing that, he exclaimed, “Being a yacht chef is my main job!” His unexpected transition into the world of gastronomy began after one of his architectural projects didn’t go as planned. “Simultaneously, my best friend was working on a boat that needed a chef for a week. One week turned to two years on that first boat,” he recalled.

Growing up in a family of chefs, Jonathan’s love for cooking was deeply ingrained from an early age. He initially pursued a career in architecture, opening his own practice after moving back to Antigua. However, the call of the kitchen proved irresistible. “I grew up in a family of chefs, went to school for architecture, moved back to Antigua, and opened up my architectural practice,” he explains in a confessional interview.

Jonathan’s passion for cooking is evident in his vibrant personality, and he is often seen dancing while crafting delectable dishes. In addition to his role as a yacht chef, Jonathan also models for Marché Rue Dix, showcasing his versatility. On ‘Below Deck Med,’ he seems to have formed a strong bond with Chief Stew Aesha, further enriching his experience on the show. Jonathan’s professional life is a blend of architectural precision and culinary creativity, making him a standout in both fields.

Jonathan Shillingford is in a Blissful Relationship

From what we can tell, Jonathan Shillingford doesn’t seem to be single. Although he is not that open about the specific details of his romantic life, there is no dearth of endearing pictures of him alongside David Sargsyan, who appears to be his partner, on his social media profiles. David is an opera singer based in the city of Berlin in Germany, and it looks like they have been together for at least over a year. In fact, on Jonathan’s birthday in July 2024, David shared an adorable post with a caption that read: “Happy Birthday Baby.”

Jonathan and his “teddy bear goof ball” often hop on vacations together. David has likely even met Jonathan’s family during their trip to the latter’s homeland of Dominica. On the other hand, the chef also accompanied David to his opera performances in Berlin. When not spending quality time with his “cutie,” Jonathan enjoys creating memories with his friends and other loved ones. A testament to that could be him engaging in playful, flirtatious banter with Mustique crewmate and friend Elena Dubaich on the show and the ship.

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