Where is Brian Eisch Today?

Netflix’s ‘Father Soldier Son’ is a moving tale of an American soldier named Brian Eisch and his two sons. It follows their stories over the course of a decade and focuses on the feelings of separation, isolation, anxiety, and loneliness on their part. The children have to learn to endure the absence of their beloved father, who has to tackle the responsibility of being their single parent away from home. An injury leads to a drastic turn in Brian’s life and it drives the course of events not just for him, but also for his sons. The documentary ends on a positive note for him, and we wonder where he and his family have progressed from there. Where is Brian Eisch now? Here’s the answer.

Who is Brian Eisch?

Born in 1974 in Hortonville, Wisconsin, Brian Eisch is a Purple Heart recipient, who has given twenty years of his life in the service to his country. He has two children- Isaac and Joey- from his first marriage, and the documentary follows their relationship through the years. He retired in 2012 as a Master Sergeant First Class. He lost a leg due to the injuries he sustained from an ambush during his deployment in Afghanistan.

His return home brought relief to his sons, as they were nearer to him now, but it also brought a lot of tension, owed to the leg amputation that Brian had to go through. Soon enough, he met Maria, and their instant sparks led to a wedding in 2015. Unfortunately, a few months later, they lost Joey in an accident, and the family had to go through another state of turmoil. The documentary focuses on these upheavals in Brian’s life. However, by the time it ends, he seems to be in a better place, recovering from the loss of Joey. He welcomes his son Jaxon into the world and is proud of Isaac who has continued with the family tradition of serving in the Army.

Where is Brian Eisch Now?

Persevering through the struggles and tragedies in his life, Brian has now focused himself on bringing up his son Jaxon with his wife, Maria in Luxemburg, Wisconsin. In 2015, the couple founded a memorial on Joey’s name. Their son is remembered through the Joey Eisch Memorial Youth Wrestling Tournament, which is held in Sandy Creek High School in New York, the place where Joey had pursued his education.

Brian has also busied himself with something that he likes to do the most. He spends a lot of time bass fishing, something that he has also enjoyed with his sons before. He also participates in fishing tournaments and serves as the youth director for the Luxemburg-Casco High School Fishing Team. The Tricky Phish Bait Company, a business that he had started in Lacona on the encouragement of his wife, is now permanently closed. Apart from this, he also wishes that his story encourages people to hold their children a little closer and have the strength to persevere in the face of the most difficult situations.

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