Where is Isaac Eisch Today?

The life of a soldier is hard, and over the years, a lot of movies have focused on the struggles and the courage of the people in service of their country. However, rarely has any film touched upon the heartbreak that they have to face every time they part with their families, and rarer still, has any film followed the anguish of the ones who have to wait for them at home. Netflix’s ‘Father Soldier Son’ gives us an intimate glimpse into the story of a man and his two sons, one of whom is named Isaac. What happened to him after the documentary? Where is he now? Let’s find out.

Who is Isaac Eisch?

Isaac James Eisch is the firstborn of Brian Eisch, a Purple Heart recipient who served in the US Army for twenty years. With his mother out of the picture, Isaac had to learn to take responsibility for his younger brother, Joey, in the long absences of his father. He had to battle the anxiety of worrying about his father. When Brian came back home, he needed care, and Isaac rose to the occasion. He always wanted to make his father proud, which pushed him to be better.

The dynamics freshened a little bit with the entry of Maria in their lives. While Joey took to her easily, Isaac was a bit wary in the beginning. He eventually came around to accepting her as their maternal figure. A huge emotional blow came to him in 2015 when Joey passed away in an accident. The combined pressure of his already strained life and the grief and loss of his brother took a toll on him, and at the end of the documentary, we find him battling depression.

Where is Isaac Eisch Now?

After going through the isolation due to his father’s long absences, Isaac had decided that a life in the army was too demanding, not just of the soldiers but also of their families. He knows how hard it had been to grow up with his father serving overseas, and proud as he was, he didn’t want to, one day, put his own family through the same ordeal. The plan had been to go to college and then join the police force. However, a turn in fate steered him in a different direction.

After the loss of his younger brother, Joey, Isaac decided to follow in the footsteps of his father. He knew how keen Joey had been at the prospects of joining the Army one day, and he was also aware of their father’s desire to have his son serve the country. Regarding both of their wishes, he decided to drop his plans and go forward with what was probably meant to be.

Currently, Isaac serves in the US Army. During his vacations, he comes back home to Luxemburg, Wisconsin, where he spends time with his loved ones, especially with his younger brother, Jaxon. He also enjoys the company of his dog, and in his spare time, loves to play video games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and World of Warcraft.

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