Brian Reich: Car Masters Fabricator is Also a Proud Father

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches‘ breaks all bounds of a makeover reality series by living up to its title in nearly every way conceivable. After all, it’s essentially a higher-stakes version of MTV’s ‘Pimp My Ride,’ especially because the crew at Gotham Garage not only commissions private jobs but also restores/flips old vehicles for profit. So now that season 5 of this exciting production has landed on our screens as well, with the addition of Fabricator Brian Reich in the squad, let’s just find out everything we know about him, shall we?

Brian Reich’s Background

It was reportedly back when Brian was merely a young boy growing up in California that he developed an interest in welding and metalworking, only for it to continue expanding as the days passed. It was thus no surprise to his loved on es he decided to learn as well as hone these specific skill sets as an adult, following which he gradually even established a full-time career in this creative field. The truth is there were likely little concerns over the lucrativeness or stability of his chosen path amongst family because that’s where his passion initially came from — they’re all professional mechanics.

We unforntunately don’t know much else about Brian’s roots since he prefers to keep his private life — educational qualifications, upbringing environment, and other details — well away from the limelight. Yet we do know a part of this privacy thing could be because of his military origin — his mother was a jet engine mechanic for the armed forces — so we’ve been unable to discern even his parents’ names or if he has any siblings.

Brian Reich’s Profession

As indicated above, Brian is a fabricator, welder, plus metalworker through and through. It’s his passion, his life, his bread and butter, so he evidently has no plans of swerving away from it or slowing down anytime soon. Therefore, of course, he works not just on old vehicles (independently or on a contractual basis in association with other professionals/garages) but also on everyday items such as doors, staircases, railings, etc.

Moreover, and more importantly, it’s imperative to note that apart from serving at Gotham Garage in Temecula at the moment, Brian is even the owner-operator of his own venture, Reich Built Fabrication, in Menifee. His company has actually been in business for years, and he has been collaborating with individuals like his now reality television co-star, mechanist-fabricator Tony Quinones, since at least 2016. Hence, of course, from what we can tell through his online presence, he genuinely loves his job of “just building stuff” — the only aspect he doesn’t particularly enjoy is painting, yet he begrudgingly does even that if necessary.

Brian Reich’s Relationships and Children

Although Brian has never publicly shared any information regarding his personal experiences, we do know he’s a proud father of three youngsters — reportedly, daughter Rheagen plus two sons. It’s unclear precisely who their mother is or what happened to her, yet it appears as if their father has always been by their side and will do anything to ensure their safety, stability, as well as happiness. This much is actually evidenced by the unwavering patriot’s Instagram bio reading, “Building Hot Rods & Stuff. Full-time single Dad to 3 awesome humans!! Work/own ReichBuilt fab LLC. Work harder, be a good dad, pay bills. 🇺🇸⚖️🇺🇸” In simpler words, his priority right now is his kids, and he doesn’t have time for any romantic involvements either.

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