Where is Brianna Warrelmann Today? 

ID’s ‘Disappeared in the Darkness: An ID Mystery’ features the details of a missing case that has spanned over five years now. Heather Elvis was 20 years old when she went missing. Concrete circumstantial evidence led to the arrest and conviction of Sidney and Tammy Moorer.  Brianna Warrelmann, Heather Elvis’ best friend, was vital in providing information that showcased the couple’s involvement in the case. 

Who is Brianna Warrelmann? 

Brianna (Bri) Warrelmann, was Heather Elvis’ best friend and roommate. She testified in almost all of the case trials as she was the one Heather last spoke to before she went missing. According to Warrelmann, Heather Elvis was in a relationship with a man named Sidney Moorer, whom she had met at work. At the time, both the friends worked at the same restaurant. 

Warrelmann stated that Heather was very into Sidney Moorer, who turned out to be a married man. Soon after this, his wife, Tammy Moorer, learned about the affair. In a segment with Crime Watch Daily, she said, “When the whole thing was found out, it blew up like a bomb, almost. I mean Tammy was livid, texting Heather, she was sending Heather pictures of her and Sidney having sex. I personally never saw them because I told her I did not want to.” 

Warrelmann also said Tammy continued to threaten and harass Heather even after Heather broke it off with Sidney. This breakup was a painful one, and Brianna was there when it occurred. Tammy had made Sidney call Heather to break up with her. In the process, Sidney ended up saying things that crushed Heather, according to Brianna. In any case, what she perhaps did not see coming was perhaps the last call Heather made to her. 

Brianna Warrelmann was with her family for the Christmas break and knew that after two painful months, Heather was going on a date. After the date, a hysterical Heather had called Brianna to say that Sidney had contacted her, wanting to get back with her. As Warrelmann’s main focus was to get her to calm down, she told Heather to sleep on it. In the testimony she gave about it in the 2019 trail, she said, “The last thing I told her was to not meet Sidney. Go to sleep, and we would talk about it in the morning.” 

Where is Brianna Warrelmann Now? 

Brianna Warrelmann is now Brianna Krason. Her Facebook page still has several pictures of both her and Heather. However, it doesn’t look like she uses it anymore. But, she has a Twitter account that she frequently posts on. According to her Twitter handle, she is now a mother of two kids named Talon James and Kaia Rachelle. She has still kept a hashtag along with a message, “#findheatherelvis my best friend missing since 12/18/13.” The hashtag is dedicated to the tips and updates on Heather’s case. Even after all these years, it looks like she still misses her best friend. 

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