Brigitte McCann: The Raëlism Infiltrator is Still a Journalist Today

As a French-language documentary series living up to its title in every way conceivable, Netflix’s ‘Raël: The Alien Prophet’ can honestly only be described as bewildering and intriguing. That’s because it incorporates not just archival footage but also exclusive interviews with key figures to really underscore how the UFO religion of Raëlism is essentially a cult with its extreme practices. Amongst those to thus be featured in this original was actually Brigitte McCann — an investigative journalist to have gone as far as to infiltrate this organization/sect to uncover its truth.

Brigitte McCann is a Proud Quebecer

It was reportedly back when Brigitte was merely a little girl growing up in Quebec, Canada, that she first developed an interest in reporting, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. She hence enrolled at Champlain College Lennoxville to study journalism as soon as she was able before going on to attend Concordia University plus The University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). Then came the start of this IBM production line employee’s actual career at a daily newspaper by the name of La Voix de L’est (The Voice of the East), enabling her to soon rise the ranks.

Brigitte actually joined a tabloid called Le Journal De Montreal (The Montreal Journal) in October 2001, and it was here that she found her calling as a bombshell undercover investigator. Her first mission was the infiltration of the International Raëlian Movement alongside photographer Chantal Poirier, yet little did she know it would change the trajectory of her entire life. After all, not only did she have to get internal information through this, but she was also forced to give up her boundaries to make it appear as if she was really a devotee and followed Claude “Raël” Volirhorn to the end.

The truth is Brigitte’s experience actually inspired the book ‘Raël, Journal d’une infiltrée,’ which even became a local bestseller back in 2004 and opened many more professional doors for her. In fact, she subsequently got to infiltrate the Quebec cosmetic surgery industry, only for her work to uncover the fact that tax credits were often granted by the government for non-essential cosmetic surgeries. Then there’s her 2007 harrowing work on the world of cyber pedophilia, through which she actually became a public figure through and through thanks to many television appearances.

According to reports, Brigitte is also recognized as a specialist in the blonde myths for having penned a book about it in 2006 by the name of
‘Sois blonde et tais-toi.’ But alas, she parted ways with the tabloid industry in December 2007 in favor of joining Les Publications Charron & Cie Inc. as a Newsroom Executive, shortly following which she decided to step into consultancy altogether with BBA Consultants. It was here that she further honed her skills and became a Bilingual Manager plus Proposal Specialist in plant engineering, mining, pulp & paper, hydropower and renewable Energy.

Where is Brigitte McCann Now?

Brigitte is actually a proud author, contractor, and freelancer working with various media outlets today, all the while serving as a Marketing Manager as well as a Proposal Specialist at the Construction engineering company CIMA+. Moreover, and more importantly, it appears as if this Quebec native still resides in her homeland, where she’s also a proud family woman — this travel enthusiast is a daughter, sister, wife, and mother, roles which matter more to her than anything else. It actually appears as if she’s perfectly content at the moment, which is honestly all that matters in the long run.

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