Briseida Guillen Murder: Where is Jovanny Romo Arellanes Now?

Image Credit: Fox News LA

When Briseida’s body was found in her San Bernardino residence, fear and horror took over the entire community while her family and friends were shocked and went deep into a state of grief. In the episode titled ‘Darkest Hour’ of Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit With John Walsh,’ the viewers are provided with the intricate details of a couple of murders. One of them is the murder case of Briseida, documenting the gory details as well as the investigation that followed. The episode also taps into the impact that the victim’s demise had on her loved ones.

Briseida Guillen’s Friends Walked Into Her House to Find Her Dead

Briseida Guillen was a California native who had her whole life ahead of her. Born sometime in the 1990s, she grew up in a close-knit household surrounded by the love and care of her parents. While growing up in San Bernandino, she had the support of at least one sibling, a beautiful sister named Briana Ramirez. The two seemingly shared a tight bond and always had each other’s backs. Apart from a degree, the Pacific High School graduate earned several friends during her school years. She was a bright and talented individual with goals in life that she was pretty determined to achieve. She possessed an adventurous spirit and loved to spend time at the beach.

The 26-year-old was unabashedly herself and ever-ready to lend a hand to whoever reached out to her. Those who knew Briseida remember her as a kindhearted, cheerful, and friendly personality with a smile that could light up any room. Naturally, she had a lot of friends she enjoyed hanging out with. On the personal front, Briseida reportedly began dating Jovanny Romo Arellanes in 2019. Turns out, she wasn’t that lucky in matters of the heart. As time progressed, cracks began to develop in their relationship, and the two decided to part ways for good sometime in early 2021.

Post their breakup, Briseida moved on in life and placed all her focus on herself and building her future. While her loved ones believed she would do great things in life, no one would’ve imagined they would lose her forever in October 2021. On the night of October 9, her friends received panic-stricken texts from Briseida asking them to rush to her place. When they arrived, they found their beloved friend dead in her own home in the 1500 block of North Sepulveda Avenue. After witnessing the tragic sight, they immediately informed the authorities. According to the police report, the 26-year-old had suffered from several stab wounds to the upper part of her body, which was determined to be the cause of her death.

Briseida Guillen’s Alleged Killer is Someone From Her Traumatic Past

As the investigation was launched to find the killer responsible for Briseida Guillen, the police interviewed her family members, friends, and other acquaintances. Soon, they learned that Briseida’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Jovanny Romo Arellanes, was not butterflies and rainbows. Instead, it was full of horror as he used to allegedly stalk her and physically abuse her on a regular basis, as claimed by the victim’s family members. According to them, the relationship had turned so sour that she even had a restraining order against her former boyfriend at the time of her death.

Image Credit: San Bernardino Police

Moreover, on the fateful night, the 26-year-old woman was caught by surprise when Jovanny knocked on her front door. Scared of her well-being, she ensured that she texted her friends and let them know that her ex-lover had shown up at her house unannounced. Concerned and alarmed by the situation, her friends decided to visit her house, but it turned out to be too late as she had already been attacked and murdered by then. As per the victim’s loved ones’ claims, after Jovanny arrived at her home, the former couple got into a heated argument, which resulted in her murder by his hands.

When the police delved deeper into the investigation, they were able to identify Jovanny as the man allegedly responsible for the stabbing death of the San Bernardino resident. Since the detectives had a hard time locating and capturing the alleged killer, they put out a $1 million warrant for his arrest, asking for the help of the public. Moreover, the victim’s family even set up a GoFundMe account, which had exceeded its goal of $10,000 without any problem. Even after almost three years, the authorities are still on the lookout for the alleged killer, Jovanny Romo Arellanes, while Briseida’s family continues to fight for justice.

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