Are Brittany and Yazan From 90 Day Fiance Still Together? 

The Palm Beach resident, Brittany Banks, has lived the high life but has always known deep down that she is looking for someone who is simple-minded and down to earth, someone like her boyfriend Yazan. He has a graduation degree in mechanical engineering yet chooses to work at his father’s fish market store. Despite being younger to her, Yazan has been mature enough to commit to her for this lifetime and is even ready to introduce Brittany to his family. But there are vast cultural differences between the two that come out in the open once the aspiring model meets his conservative parents. There is also a big secret that Brittany has been hiding from everyone, including Yazan. Will the couple be able to survive the complications or decide to part ways? Read on to find out!

Brittany and Yazan: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Yazan Abo Horira met his now-girlfriend by a complete stroke of luck as he saw her face on his phone screen while he was on a video call with his sister. Brittany had gone to visit her family in Chicago, and met Yazan’s sister who lived in the same building. They felt a strange pull and were attracted to each other since the first moment. She found him to be extremely sweet and supportive of everything Brittany wanted to achieve in life. They dated for only a month after which the Jordan citizen sent her money to come and visit him in his city Amman. After spending less than 7 days together, he proposed her for marriage and asked her to move with him to his country. 

Brittany stayed in Jordan for almost 2 months with Yazan, at the end of which she accepted his proposal. She admits to being head over heels in love with him and is even ready to leave behind her Floridian background. But it seems like the couple took a leap of faith and unfortunately, fell flat on their faces. Even before his parents were involved to create a bigger mess, Yazan himself made a scene at the airport, right after Brittany had gotten off the plane. He flipped out on seeing an alcohol bottle (tequila) in her hand and angrily disapproved of her hugging a crew member publicly. While Yazan considers her behavior as blasphemous, she refuses to see the wrong in it, being too accustomed to the ‘modern’ upbringing. And this is just the beginning of their journey on TLC’s “90 Day Fiance”.  

Are Brittany and Yazan Still Together?

After a long display of his impulsive insolence, Yazan calms himself down and tries to look at the bigger picture. He takes her to their new apartment into which they will be moving after getting married. This makes Brittany forget his angry outbursts of the morning and is reminded of her caring boyfriend for whom she was sacrificing so much. He even apologizes and the two prepare themselves for the next step. Yazan, self-admittedly, has orthodox parents and knows that the only way to about this is to introduce Brittany to his uncle, who is the voice of reason in the family.  Only he could convince them to consider their son’s happiness above the social conventions. 

This is literally the sole part of their relationship that goes according to the plan. Apart from Yazan and Brittany’s amicable conversation with the uncle, everything else seems to fall apart. His parents begin the formal meeting with his girlfriend on cordial terms but it soon turns nasty. They vehemently object Brittany’s social media posts and mention having serious problems with her Catholic upbringing. Yazan seems to stay shut throughout and Brittany coils into a state of shock at the allegations that are being put on her. Her fans see the usually strong girl in a pool of her own tears, as she feels clueless due to the language barrier. 

The couple survives this fall-out as well but towards the end of the day, Yazan gives her a 3-day ultimatum to convert into Islam and this comes as a major setback. Brittany sees an extremely controlling side of her boyfriend that she did not even know existed. After making honest efforts to comply with his wishes by going to a mosque for the first time in her life, she accepts that she never to able to do justice to his religious ideologies. Her belief in spirituality will always come in the way. In all likelihood, it seems like the couple broke up after this episode since their ‘Instagram’ accounts have been given a fresh look and the entire content related to each other has been taken down by both the parties. Also, they have been publicly trashing each other through the captions on their posts. Yazan seems to be holding a high moral ground while Brittany is claiming to stay true to herself.

What is Brittany Hiding From Yazan and His Parents?

When the moment to introduce her father to Yazan’s parents came, she knew it was too late to come clean about the dirty secret she had been hiding all along. The show’s crew knew that Brittany Banks is already married to a Haitian man who was deported by ICE only after 4 months of their marriage. The couple has been estranged for five years now. Yet, legally Brittany has still not filed for a divorce and has been carrying out a romantic relationship being a married woman. It has also been reported that another 90 Day Fiance celeb, Usman Umar aka Sojaboy, has been flirting with her through comments on her pictures. Yazan has seemed to move on as well as it looks like he has started dating a hijab-wearing woman now. Whatever next thing they both are moving on to, both are surely done with each other.

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