Brittne Babe and Sean Williams: Are the Couple to Throuple Stars Still Together?

Peacock’s ‘Couple to Rhouple’ is a show true to its name, given its emphasis on polyamory. The show features various established couples who come on the show in order to find a third person to be a part of their relationship. However, such searches are certainly not guaranteed to yield results and can often even strain the bonds between the couple. In season 1 of the show, Brittne Babe and Kaesean “Sean” Williams certainly seemed eager to include a third member in their relationship but faced many challenges. As such, the world is curious to know more about the current status of their relationship.

Brittne Babe and Sean Williams on Couple to Throuple

Brittne Babe and Sean Williams appeared first on the Peacock show after they had been together for four years. They explained how they had often been approached by several people who had expressed in the two, which made them curious about the concept of polyamory. However, they wanted a partner who would help them indulge in the process in an emotional as well as a physical manner. At the start of the experiment, they had not discussed particular criteria and boundaries when it came to the third partner in their relationship.

Instead, Brittne and Sean wanted to build things as time progressed, especially with the help of the person whom they wanted to bring into their lives in such an intimate manner. They were then introduced to various singles who were open to forming a throuple. During the initial phase of the process, they connected with many people, with Sanu Stevens and Denyse Davis. Soon enough, the time came for them to throuple up.

Among those interested in joining them, Brittne and Sean decide to partner up with Sanu, much to the latter’s joy. However, as they tried to get to know their prospective partner more, they felt like she may not be the perfect fit for them due to an apparent reluctance to open up. As such, they decided to talk to Dejha Blackmon, AKA Peach, the next night and even gave her the bead necklace. However, they had been more interested in pursuing Darrien Seqqoya, but she had already obtained a necklace from Wilder Bunke and Corey Potter. In fact, Corey did approach Sean to tell him about their decision and to clear things up, and though reluctant, Sean had agreed. However, Brittne was not happy that Sean had not discussed it with her first.

The next day, Brittne and Sean found themselves getting closer to Sanu but felt it was a little too late. As such, when the second ceremony came, they chose to swap partners. Much to their joy, Darrien was among those who expressed interest in them. Hence, Brittne and Seas wasted no time in choosing her. While the three seemed to get on well with each other, the physical side of their relationship seemed to become an issue.

Darrien herself had not had the chance to kiss Brittne and Sean at any time, who themselves wanted the moment to be natural instead of being forced. Things only got more complicated when  Darried asked the other two if they would mind if she kissed someone else, which they confessed they would not like. Meanwhile, the new dynamic duo of Maximo and Ash seemed highly interested in pursuing a connection with Darrien, who herself did not seem averse to the idea. That said, the three did stay together during the third matching ceremony.

However, things took a drastic turn for the involved parties when Darrien approached the idea of also pursuing a connection with Maximo and Ash. This blindsided Brittne especially, who had been insistent about the exclusivity between the three from the very start. Disappointed about Brittne and Sean’s stance regarding her connection with the other couple, Darrien also remained somewhat underwhelmed regarding the physical part of their relationship.

During the last matching ceremony, Brittne and Sean chose to stay with Darrien but did state that they could not thank Sanu enough for helping them navigate their first few days in the experiment. Following the ceremony, all couples were given a chance to talk with interested singles once more, and Sanu told Brittne and Sean that she remained interested in them. Though the couple’s heart was initially still set on Darrien, things changed when everyone reunited.

Darrien confessed in front of everyone that while she would not give up Brittne and Sean for Maximo and Ash, her ideal wish was to be involved with both couples. This especially threw Brittne off, who felt like the topic of exclusivity had been cleared between the three. However, she and Sean still chose to stay with Darrien. That said, things did take a good turn for them when during a game, Brittne and Darrien finally had thei first kiss. This seemingly broke the invisible barrier between them and allowed the throuple to explore their relationship further.

Brittne Babe and Sean Williams Are Engaged

Given the complicated nature of the Peacock show, many have expressed curiosity about the current relationship status of Brittne Babe and Sean Williams. We are glad to share that not only do the two seem to be in a happy relationship, but they had actually gotten engaged in June 2023. Sean actually popped the question in a restaurant with the question written on a plate of cake with chocolate. Brittne shared the news via Instagram, celebrating both her engagement and the fact that they had been together for four years.

An engaged Brittne was proud to show off her ring to the world, commenting just how much she adored Sean and the sign of their betrothal. While the two do not often appear on each other’s social media, it does not seem like their engagement has come to an end. As for the third person in their relationship, the couple has not yet revealed whether or not they are in a polyamorous relationship. While Darrien does follow Brittne, the reverse is not true, and neither Sean nor Darrien follow each other on Instagram.

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