Are Rehman Bhatti and Ashmal Ali From Couple to Throuple Still Together?

Exploring the concept of polyamory, Peacock’s ‘Couple to Throuple’ is one show you simply cannot miss. The series gives various couples a chance to invite another partner into their relationship and see if this will better their romantic lives. Of course, not all is as easy as one might have hoped, and things often get complicated during the search for a partner without invoking feelings of jealousy between two people. One of the couples from season 1 who especially caught the attention of the viewers was Rehman Bhatti and Ashmal Ali, whose easy charm and openness regarding the experiment have made people highly curious about the current status of their relationship.

Rehman Bhatti and Ashmal Ali’s Couple to Throuple Journey

Entering the Peacock show, Rehman Bhatti and Ashmal Ali were excited to see how the inclusion of another person into their lives would contribute to their relationship. That said, the two did have some differing opinions about what they wanted from their potential third, especially when it came to their experience in the world of polyamory. Having met sometime prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple was able to enjoy going out before the world went into lockdown.

Together, Rehman and Ashmal spend their lockdown together and explore the delights of domesticity. This helped them build trust between themselves and a willingness to try new things while banking on mutual support. As such, they thought it only ideal that they try polyamory with mutual consent. While Rehman hoped for someone experienced so that the person would be able to navigate the ins and outs of a polyamorous relationship, Ashmal mentioned that he actually wanted someone new to the idea so that one single person would not dictate their relationship.

After getting to know the participating singles in the show, Rehman and Ashmal chose to invite Jonathan Intriago into their midst during the first matching ceremony. However, things got a bit complicated after both men shared a kiss. The next day, things became a bit more complicated when Rehman announced that Ashmal was easy to please and was probably having a better time with Jonathan. Things did not get much better between the three as time passed, though they tried to make amends.

However, as it turned out, Jonathan himself was quite interested in Rehman physically and was eager to mend the relationship between them. As such, the two men had a conversation on their own, with Jonathan being open about his feelings, which left Rehman in a considerably better mood. As such, it did not surprise many when Rehman and Ashmal chose to stay with Jonathan, who himself agreed to the arrangement.

With things out in the open, the three men tried to work on their relationship, but things devolved again when Ashmal ended up referring to Jonathan as “boyfriend” during a public breakfast. Jonathan objected to this, asking if Ashmal had even introduced Rehman to his family. When the answer came out as no, Jonathan asked how he was planning on directly introducing not one but two boyfriends. Things only got worse when Rehman publicly expressed his dissatisfaction over how he often felt that Ashmal and Jonathan had created a bond between them that did not seem to have space for him.

All of this led Jonathan to wonder if he should stay with Rehman and Ashmal, which the latter commented he could understand as he himself was apparently having a hard time being with Rehman. Despite it all, it seemed like Rehmana nd Ashmal were not ready to give up on Jonathan and even chose him at the matching ceremony. However, Jonathan refused the offer, stating that he did not want to be with the couple presently as he felt like they needed to work on some stuff of their own.

Now left stranded, Ashmal discussed the possibility of choosing Frank Edward instead, but Rehman still seemed hung up on Jonathan and did not seem ready for such a sudden switch. as such, they decided to stay as a couple for some time. The couple continued to work on their relationship and were hit with a surprise twist when only a day later they were asked to pick someone as their third from those who had volunteered to be with them during the last ceremony. As Jonathan was not one of those who volunteered, having instead switched out, Rehman and Ashmal went with Jonathan.

Rehman Bhatti and Ashmal Ali are Still in a Relationship

We are happy to share that Rehman Bhatti and Ashmal Ali are still in a relationship with each other. During their time on the show, the couple prided themselves on how well they knew each other, and it seems like their connection has survived the tumultuous nature of the social experiment in which they took part. Despite the difference of opinion that the two had over their possible third partner, the two remained strong by each other’s side.

As of writing, Rehman and Ashmal continue to shower each other with love and affection on social media. From celebrating each other’s life achievements to enjoying intimate outings together, the two reality TV stars have kept their love life thriving, much to the happiness of their fans. Rehman has also been quite happy about promoting the Peacock show, which indicates that no matter the outcome, he has fond memories of his time as a participant in the social experiment.

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