Where is Bryce from Too Hot to Handle Today?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is a new dating reality show but with a twist. Many shows have come out with the concept of treating hot singles to a month’s stay at a beachside villa. But this show tweaks the plot a bit. The players here will not be allowed to engage in any form of physical intimacy. They would be obeying this rule to snatch a prize fund of a whopping $100,000. While the original ten singles already had an advantage of forming couples from the start, the newcomer Bryce didn’t have much choice left.

Who is Bryce Hirschberg?

Bryce Hirschberg lives in California. He is a 29-year-old actor, writer, director, and producer. According to his Instagram account, he has made a film called ‘Counterfeiters’ which has won him many awards and can be streamed on Youtube for free. He also lives on his boat with his brother. They host and document their boat parties and post about it on its Instagram page.

The cutie of the show, Bryce, entered the series mid-season and immediately fell for Chloe. For him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He had his eyes and his heart only set on her. He tried to woo Chloe with his piano-playing and singing skills, but he failed to form a strong bond with her. Chloe though initially intrigued, didn’t feel a spark with him. She even asked him to break the rule and kiss her, which he did. This resulted in the deduction of $3,000 of prize money. Chloe later revealed to her friends that she wasn’t physically attracted to him and found their conversations boring.

After ignoring Bryce for days, Chloe told him the truth. Bryce was visibly shaken and heartbroken, but he accepted Chloe’s decision. He confessed that Chloe would later regret rejecting him, and she would realize that he was the best option. Bryce didn’t try to forge any more connections with anyone and spent the rest of the show single, chilling with his friends, and eyeing the prize money!

Where is Bryce Now?

Bryce is still in California, living on his boat, with his brother. He is constantly hosting and documenting boat parties. After the shoot wrapped up, he invited some of the cast members for a party on his boat. They later took a trip to Vegas as well. Bryce is still single, and by the looks of his boat parties, still living his casanova life. He recently traveled to Seattle and New York City and posted about it. Check it out in the highlights section. He also did a friendly favor by wearing sunglasses from Harry’s fashion label and promoted the same. He is pretty active on social media and keeps in touch with all cast members.

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