Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Tragic Sunday

In the sixth episode of ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 4, the Armed Detective Agency learns about a homicidal society targeting high-profile politicians. But instead of investigating the crime like he usually does, Rampo warns that his team should stay away from the case. Meanwhile, a specific group of people is planning to destroy the Armed Detective Agency by gaining evidence of their collusion with criminals or engagement in illegal activities.

Ranpo Warns His Team To Not Take a Case

Before Mushitarou was taken away by the police, he had told Rampo that a case will soon come to the Armed Detective Agency that will destroy them if they try to solve it. He has been very vigilant since then and it does not take long for Mushitarou’s words to turn out to be true. Just after Fukuzawa receives Sacramental Bow from the government, the Armed Detective Agency learns about a homicidal society that has murdered four victims using the worst possible methods imaginable. Rampo immediately notices the pattern and realizes it is the Five Deadly Omens, which is a sign of the culprit.

Fukuzawa explains that these omens are five signs before the celestials, who stand atop the cycle of reincarnation, as they approach death. Since there have been just four murders so far and the fifth one has still not been committed Fukuzawa decides that the Armed Detective agency will take the case. But Rampo immediately refuses to comply and warns his team to stay as well. But Fuzukawa and others do not listen to him so he simply walks away infuriated. While investigating, Atsushi receives a call from Sakaguchi, who asks him to look for Dazai since he could not get in touch with him for a while.

Sakaguchi also informs him that there is a chance that a government agency is behind the Five Deadly Omens. Just when Atsushi is considering the dangers looming above him and his friends, the General Associate Attorney Tonan, who has recently handed Fukizawa the Sacramental Bow suddenly shows up. He asks Atsushi about the call but knowing the relation of an unknown government agency with Five Deadly Omens, the Armed Detective Agency member runs away after making an excuse.

Elsewhere, Dazai is arrested while watching horseracing for 132 cases of aiding and abetting in murder, 312 threat cases, and 625 instances of fraud. It turns out that Mushitarou’s Perfect Crime ability has been undone which allowed all evidence of crimes to resurface allowing the investigation to resume. Interestingly, the General Associate Attorney Tonan is heavily involved in such efforts to destroy the Armed Detective Agency since Fuzukawa has supposedly killed his father.

However, he does not realize that the subbordinate he is working with is actually Nikolai Gogol, the Decay of Angel members who eventually kidnaps the politician. Nikolai then contacts the Armed Detective Agency and invites them to a mansion where several high profile politicians have been held hostage. Since they just have 30 minutes to reach the location, the members of the ability user organization immediately spring into action.

How Does Nikolai Trick the Armed Detective Agency?

As soon as the Armed Detective Agency arrives at the dilapidated mansion to rescue the high-profile politicians from getting assassinated, they notice that the military police are coming in the same direction. Kunikida knows that the hostages will be immediately killed if they enter the hall, so he asks Kenji to keep the military police occupied. Meanwhile, Nikolai returns to the hostages after fighting Atsushi and ensuring that he can no longer move. He frees General Associate Attorney Tonan and offers him a mobile phone so that he can ask for aid. Tonan is infuriated and threatens that the law of the land will eventually get to Nikolai.

Meanwhile, the snipers from the military police are waiting for the orders as they aim directly at the kidnappers. Kenji has done a great job and has successfully taken down the military police vehicles driving to the mansion. In the control room, the military police leaders access the situation and are shocked to see the names of high-profile politicians in the hostages. They feel that this potentially signals the collusion of the Five Deadly Omens with some government organization. By this time, the Armed Detective Agency members have reached the door to the hall where the hostages have been kept.

While they strategically plan their next move, Nikolai tells Tonan to push the button. But the General Associate Attorney reminds him that there are still six minutes to go. Unfortunately for him, Nikolai is in no mood to listen and tells the kidnappers with him to remove their masks just when Armed Detective Agency opens the door. Suddenly, the table turns in an unfathomable manner and Kunikida along with other Armed Detective Agency members finds himself standing at the kidnappers’ position.

He realizes that the door they were opening is still shut tight and they have somehow ended up in the culprit’s position. They also find Nikolai all tied up in a seat and moments later the chainsaw around his waist starts moving until he is cut in half. Before the upper part of his body falls to the ground, he asks Tonan for help. The General Associate Attorney uses the phone in his hand to ask for help and gives the official statement that the Five Deadly Omens are actually the Armed Detective Agency.

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