Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: Hero vs. Criminal

In ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 5 episode 3 titled ‘Hero vs. Criminal,’ Atsushi gets the help of Akutagawa who has been instructed by Dazai to save the world and the Detective Agency well before the current crisis emerged. He does not wish to let down his mentor, so Akutagawa does as he is told but Fukuchi is overwhelmingly stronger compared to him and Atsushi. Although they come up with various tricks to surprise him, Fukuchi eventually takes out a 1,500-year-old katana that is forged by the Gifted blacksmiths, which makes him effectively invincible.

Akutagawa And Dazai Fight Fukushima

In a flashback, it is revealed that Dazai-kun has met Akutagawa at a secret location and has asked for his help to save the world, the Detective Agency, and Atsushi. Although Akutagawa is initially reluctant, he slowly comes to terms with the fact that whatever he has learned from him has been a preparation for the present crisis. As Atsushi fights with Fakuchi, Akutagawa stands by his side and decides to help him.

Unfortunately for them, Fukuchi is too powerful and easily manages to overwhelm the duo. As Atsushi flees with Akutagawa, the latter becomes angry for doing it without his consent. They soon have a confrontation with a few guards whom they fight back against and win. Akutagawa later suggests to Atsushi that they make an amalgamation of their powers to counter Fukuchi.

However, even if they do so, Fukuchi is remarkably evasive and it won’t be easy to hit him. They decide to go underwater, which increases the range of their attack. The ship has a rescue submarine for VIPs which they plan to use to attract Fukuchi’s attention. But when they go to find it, they learn that their enemy is waiting right there for them. The second confrontation is no different from the previous one as Fukuchi easily overwhelms the duo.

Is Akutagawa Dead? What is Amenogozen?

Fukuchi realizes that he has already given Atsushi and Akutagawa and fair chance to defeat him, so he throws the sword that he has been using until now into the ocean. He then promises to show them the real battlefield and pulls a sword out of thin air. Fukuchi tells the duo that the katana he is holding was forged by Gifted blacksmiths about 1,500 years ago and is called Amenogozen. He then informs them that they have already lost the battle since they allowed him to take the katana out.

All of a sudden Akutagawa realizes that he has somehow been injured by the sword even though Fukuchi did not even move from his place. Atsushi starts to panic as he also did not see him move even a little bit. He fears that something is going to happen to him too but does not know how to evade the oncoming attack. All of a sudden the sword pierces through his back and comes out to the other side. Atsushi is dumbfounded and Fukuchi reveals that Amenogozen is actually also known as the spacetime sword. He then tells the duo that Atsushi’s powers give him an advantage in frontal attacks while Akutagawa can provide a great cover to him as he has primarily defensive abilities.

Fukuchi reveals that the duo has the best chance of having his head if they used their powers together, but they failed to do so. Akutagawa listens to everything that the Hunting Dog has to say and then he starts laughing. Fukuchi then mocks his current situation and then offers him a chance at life. He tells Akutagawa that he will let him live if he kills Atsushi. Akutagawa appears to agree with the deal. As he faces Atsushi, he tells him that he cannot afford to let Dazai-kun down. Atsushi knows that it means that he won’t be trying to kill him.

The two then team up and use their powers together. To their surprise, they manage to kill Fukuchi. But Atsushi wonders about whom did Fukuchi use his sword, just moments before the attack. It turns out that Amenogozen can transverse in the past and injure people. So he uses it to stab Akutagawa even before the duo attacks and makes the entire event in the future meaningless. That’s how he manages to survive. Akutagawa is still determined and tries to attack him again. But this time Fukuchi just slits his throat. The episode ends leaving viewers on a cliffhanger. It turns out the blow was deadly and Akutagawa actually dies after it. However, he will soon be turned into a vampire by one of Fukuchi’s men.

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