Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: At the Port in the Sky

In ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 5 episode 5 titled ‘At the Port in the Sky (Part 1)’ the Armed Detective Agency holds a meeting and most of its members learn about the dangerous Order One weapon that is going to be handed over to Fukuchi soon. In order to stop this from happening, they come up with a plan but Fukuchi sees through it all. He tries to enlist Jouno as a new member of the Decay of Angels not knowing what to expect.

Armed Detective Agency Reunites

The Armed Detective Agency holds an urgent meeting in which they discuss the present status of the world. It turns out that some of the major militaries in the world have been turned into vampires by Bram. Since it is hard to recognize a vampire, they have grown exponentially in different organizations and are slowly spreading their influence. Some members of the agency feel that the goal of the enemies is to unleash chaos by doing this. But Rampo points out that they have other plans.

It turns out that Fukuchi, who is the mastermind behind the crisis is actually after Order One, a dangerous weapon whose wielder can command its subordinates to do anything. If Fukuchi gets his hands on such a powerful weapon, then world domination will not be far off from his influence. It turns out that Rampo has figured out that the transfer of Order One to Fukuchi will take place at an airport. On the day of the transfer, Aya is also there and accidentally runs into the Hunting Dogs. Jouno notices her and appears to question her motives. But is stopped by Fukuchi, who apologizes to the girl.

Is Jouno Dead? What Happens to Aya?

After the brief altercation, Fukuchi takes Jouno to a room in the airport, where he decides to reveal his dark secret. He introduces him to Bram, who has turned almost all of the security personnel at the airport into zombies by now. That’s when Fukuchi reveals that he is actually the mastermind who framed the Armed Detective Agency- something that Tachihara has been trying to tell everyone. Fukuchi thinks that Jouno has the potential to join the Decay of Angels and given his past, he should have no problem becoming a member.

Meanwhile, Rampo has already held a meeting with his friends sometime earlier that day. He has told them that they could win the battle without ever having to fight Fukuchi if they just get their hands on One Order and destroy it. This would set Fukuchi’s plan back by about two weeks, which would be more than enough time for them to gather more intel and reveal his true face to the world. However, Rampo also recognizes that his plan has one fatal flaw and that is Bram’s security. So he tells his friends to make their true objective to eliminate Bram.

Interestingly, Fukuchi somehow sees through Rampo’s plan and knows that the Armed Detective Agency members would want to target Bram thinking that no one would be protecting him. That’s why he reveals his plans to Jouno since he is one Hunting Dogs member, Fukuchi feels that will be ideal to defend Bram. But it turns out that Jouno has no interest in working for the Decay of Angels and decides to betray Fukuchi by trying to slit his throat. Unfortunately for him, Fukuchi manages to escape unharmed thanks to the powers of Amenogozen.

Fukuchi is unable to kill Jouno because of his disintegration abilities initially. But when he tries to escape, he is stopped by Akutagawa, who is now a vampire working according to Fukuchi’s orders. When Fukuchi gets another chance he uses a fire sword to injure Jouno after which he is taken away by Akutagawa. Although his fate is not revealed, it turns out that he will be later turned into a vampire as well. However, Jouno has actually known about Fukuchi’s conspiracy for a long time.

Therefore, when he met Aya at the airport, he handed her a note stating Armed Detective Agency’s innocence as insurance. Aya is actually sitting in the room just next to the one where everything happens, so she also overhears the words of the mastermind i.e., Fukuchi- which proves that Jouno is right about everything. Unfortunately, Fukuchi senses her presence but Aya manages to somehow oversmart him by hiding somewhere else in the room.

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