Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: Land of Inhuman Demons

In ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 5 episode 9 titled ‘Land of Inhuman Demons (Part 2),’ Kunikida and Tanizaki arrive at the airport to help their friends but are attacked by Fukuchi. Fukuzawa meets his old friend and learns that he has his agents in his custody. After Atsushi wakes up, he learns from Teruko about the true motives of the Decay of Angels and finds himself in a moral dilemma. Elsewhere, Dazai and Sigma try to escape the prison after they have managed to defeat Fyodor and Nakahima.

Fukuchi Attacks Kunikida and Tanizaki

After Akutagawa finds Bram, he separates him from Aya and then appears to attack her. Meanwhile, Kunikida and Tanizaki are already at the airport. Just when the former asks his colleague about Aya, they are attacked by Fukuchi. Sometime later, Fukuzawa and Rampo meet Fukuchi, who reveals that he has Kunikida and Tanizaki in his custody. When Atsushi finally wakes up, he finds himself in a room. It is obvious that Teruko has taken him there to torture him and gather intel. But it turns out that she also knows the truth now and has already been informed by Fukuchi himself.

Atsushi learns about the Decay of Angel’s true motives and is so confused that he does not know whether he should even fight against them or not. However, he remembers his comrades and decides to continue fighting. Interestingly, Teruko does not even try to stop him. Meanwhile, Fukuzawa and Fukuchi also have the same discussion about the latter’s true motives. Fukuchi promises to let the detective agency go if his old friend manages to accurately predict what he is after. At the Meursault prison, Dazai plans to escape after managing to kill Fyodor. He has Sigma by his side, who he has chosen as his partner. 

Is Fukuzawa Dead? What Happened to Fyodor? 

As Fukuzawa struggles to get back on his feet, Fukuchi tells him that this is going to be the final five minutes of human history. As mentioned earlier, the two opponents have been playing a game where Fukuchi has tasked Fukuzawa to guess the Decay of Angel’s true motives. After thinking for a while, Fukuzawa appears confident and tells Ouchi that he has the answer.

According to Fukuzawa, everything that Fukuchi is doing to exact revenge for his comrades in Tokoyamijima who were starved to the point that they ended up killing and eating each other, for the men who were horrified by the realities of war and try to escape only to be shot from behind by their own seniors, for the innocent infantrymen who were made to fight until their death by the gifted, against the cabinet that never accepted their own mistakes and instead put the blame of brave men on the frontline who sacrificed their lives. 

Fukuzawa then goes on to tell Fukuchi that he targeted the Agency for his betrayal. After naming his objective, he asks Ouchi to fulfill his promise and free his men. Fukuchi smiles at his old friend and then stabs him in the chest with his sword. The episode does not shed light on Fukuchi’s condition but it goes without saying that he is seriously injured. But since he is a powerful gifted individual, it won’t be surprising if he somehow manages to survive. Meanwhile, Dazai tells Sigma that he chose him because he wanted him to examine Fyodor’s corpse and find out more about his plans. 

Furthermore, he also wanted to protect Sigma from Fyodor as well. Dazai is confident that they have won the battle against their enemy and he is dead. But this turns out to be a huge mistake. As Dazai and Sigma take a lift, Dazai’s collaborator who can stop time is shot in the head. It turns out that Fyodor managed to escape from the life-threatening situation with the help of Nakahima who literally bent the walls using his powers. Now that Fyodor has escaped and is in the control room, he decides to put Dazai in the same situation. 

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