Burning Betrayal Ending, Explained: Who is the Stalker?

Netflix’s erotic thriller film ‘Burning Betrayal’ ends with Bárbara “Babi” Nucci discovering the identity of the stalker who has been trying to kill her. Babi’s life gets threatened when her relationship with Marco Ladeia gets complicated as she discovers that the latter is a married man. When she decides to break up with him, her best friend Thiago makes him stay away from her. Thiago then resurfaces in the life of Caio Laruzi Sampaio, Babi’s ex-partner. The engrossing Brazilian film ends with startling revelations and a moving conclusion to Babi and Marco’s endearing saga. Affected by the same, we have dived into the movie’s climax. Here are our thoughts regarding it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Burning Betrayal Plot Synopsis

‘Burning Betrayal’ begins with Babi and Caio getting prepared for their wedding. While the preparations for the big event happen, they get engaged in the preliminary trial of a money laundering case associated with their construction company. Caio and their chief accountant Thiago, who is also Babi’s best friend, testify that their company hasn’t been involved in any fraudulent affairs. Before the wedding, Babi’s friends throw a bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. During the party, Babi opens the presents she receives, which include a box from a secret admirer. She encounters photographs of Caio having sex with another woman after opening the same.

After learning about Caio’s affair, Babi breaks up with him. Since she wants to know the identity of his lover, she goes to his office with her friends and destroys the room. Meanwhile, Marco Ladeia, the presiding judge of the trial she attended, calls Babi to inform her that she left a folder behind in the courtroom. Baby gets acquainted with the judge after returning to the court to retrieve the folder. After their meeting, she runs into Caio, who has been waiting for her to tell her that he is not going to see his secret lover again. Babi dismisses him and ends up having a drink with Marco. Although their accidental date progresses well at first, the judge sees a woman at the bar and bids Babi adieu in panic.

Babi decides to celebrate her freedom from Caio by doing everything she wouldn’t have done with him. As a start, she becomes a member of a motorcycle club and joins her fellow riders to a retreat. She soon discovers that Marco is one of the riders. During the retreat, they get together and end up having sex. While they share intimacy, an anonymous person takes a video of them and sends the same to her. Babi watches the video after returning from the retreat and suspects whether Thiago is the person behind the same, especially since he has made it clear to her that he is open to sleeping with her.

Paty, one of Babi’s close friends, informs her that Thiago was away the day she was with Marco. Babi then continues to see Marco and has sex with him. During one of the days, she gets into an accident with a car. Babi believes that the car driver intentionally hit her and that the same wasn’t an accident.

Burning Betrayal Ending: Who is the Stalker? Does Thiago Die?

Thiago is the stalker who sends Caio’s photographs to Babi, spies on her, and eventually tries to kill her. Babi’s best friend was involved in the money laundering case, along with Caio. Without Babi knowing, Thiago and Caio have been using their company to earn illegal money. When Caio’s marriage with Babi gets nearer, Thiago realizes that the latter’s unavoidable presence in his accomplice’s life would threaten their illegal affairs. That’s the reason why he sends Caio’s photographs to Babi, hoping that the couple will break up, severing the potential link between his best friend and the wrongdoings Caio has committed with him.

Thiago’s plans, however, turn out to be inadequate when Babi discovers evidence that incriminates Caio in the money laundering case. Thiago realizes that her efforts to unravel Caio’s secrets will lead her to him. Therefore, he decides to scare her using a video he records of her being intimate with Marco. But the video not only doesn’t scare Babi but also seemingly inspires her to move forward with seeking the truth concerning the money laundering case. When she sets out to hand the evidence over to Marco, Thiago buys time by asking her to have their own lawyers take a look at what she has.

Babi’s enthusiasm to have Caio on a cross convinces Thiago that the former is nothing but a threat. He doesn’t want her to solve the case for the authorities, which will lead him to prison. As a greedy and ambitious criminal, Thiago wants to cherish what he has gained over the years, even if his best friend’s death becomes an inevitability for the same to happen. That’s when he tries to kill her by crashing her motorcycle with a car. His plans fail once again as Babi survives the accident and Marco sets out to find the truth behind the incident. Thiago then abducts Babi to kill her.

Babi’s belief that someone intentionally tried to kill her becomes Thiago’s death sentence. Upon listening to the same, Marco considers Thiago a suspect, which enables him to track the latter when he abducts Babi. While Thiago tries to kill her, Marco shows up at the place to save his partner. Even though the stalker succeeds in fighting the couple, he doesn’t expect police officers at the scene, informed by the judge. One of the officers then kills Thiago, putting an end to his threat and greed.

Do Babi and Marco End Up Together?

Yes, Babi and Marco end up together. While their relationship strengthens well, Babi learns that Marco is a married man, revealed by none other than his wife Paula. Babi thinks that the judge has been cheating on her but he explains the reality to her soon. Marco is indeed married to Paula but they have been separated for a considerable while, which makes it clear that he hasn’t been betraying Babi. Paula had been suffering from severe mental health concerns ever since marrying Marco. The same gets aggravated during her period of pregnancy. When Marco was welcoming their daughter, Paula was not in a position to look after the baby.

Marco and Paula’s daughter has been suffering from Emanuel syndrome, a disorder that affects her growth and development. Due to the same, the child was admitted to a hospital. On a day in the past, Paula got into the hospital and tried to run away with her baby, which alarmed Marco. He not only garnered a restraining order against her but also made it clear to her that he wanted a divorce. Marco tried his best to support Paula but their daughter’s safety takes precedence for the judge, which led him to initiate divorce proceedings.

When Marco meets Babi, he is in the final stages of the proceedings, which leads him to strike a connection with the latter. When Babi learns about the same, she realizes that Marco hasn’t committed any grave mistake for her to not forgive him. They then reunite as a couple and welcome his daughter to their lives after the girl’s doctors approve of the same. In Marco, Babi has someone trustworthy. She doesn’t want to lose such a man only because of a forgivable mistake, which makes her cherish their togetherness.

Does Caio Die?

Yes, Caio does die. When Thiago considers abducting and killing Babi, he once again chooses Caio as his partner-in-crime. He makes Babi’s ex-boyfriend dig a grave to bury her. After bringing Babi to the woods, Thiago gives Caio a gun to kill her but he not only decides against it but also tries to protect her. Although Caio did have a lengthy affair with another woman, he loved Babi. That’s why he tries to save their relationship by stopping seeing his secret lover. With the same love in his heart, Caio fails to kill Babi.

As far as Caio was concerned, the money laundering affairs were a harmless way to make money. When Thiago brings blood to the same, Caio gets spooked. He wants to stop getting involved in the same and he starts doing it by deciding to not kill his ex-girlfriend. Caio’s actions make Thiago realize that the former has become an unreliable partner. He then kills Caio to make sure that the latter won’t team up with Babi to unravel the truth about his crimes.

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