Buying London Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Real estate reality TV shows have held audiences’ attention for years with their mix of property intrigue and personal dynamics. Netflix’s ‘Buying London’ joined this genre with a standout cast. Each member brings a distinct and stellar presence to the screen, ensuring viewers are invested in their stories. As the first season unfolds, fans eagerly await more, drawn in by the equal measures of drama, professional rivalry, and hints of playful banter and flirting that define the series.

Daniel Daggers is Currently Working on Expanding His Business

Daniel Daggers has been in the real estate business since he was 17 years old, but it was in 2020 that he embarked on his independent journey by founding Daniel Daggers Real Estate. In 2022, he rebranded it as DDRE Global, a real estate agency that deals with properties in London, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Dubai. Daniel shared that big corporations had long dominated the real estate business, but now, individuals like him, who have worked their way up from the ground, are handling prime and super-prime properties.

Daniel Daggers has sold about £5 billion worth of properties over his career and aims to expand further, enhancing his well-deserved moniker “Mr. Super Prime.” Already recognized as the UK Property Advisor of the Year by Spears Magazine in 2019, Daniel has garnered significant recognition since ‘Buying London’ featured him and his team. He strongly advocates for the individual branding of agents and the use of social media and digital platforms.

He runs the Daniel Daggers Academy, which offers various courses to promote and educate new entrants in the industry. He also leads, a marketing platform for the real estate sector that facilitates collaboration among agencies to boost their market positions. Daniel aims to break barriers not just for himself but also for others, driving his path to success.

Lauren Christy is Still Working With Daniel Daggers

If there was any one cast member the audience was eager to see more of, it was Lauren Christy. She exuded assuredness, but Lauren didn’t take it sitting down when Rasa called her out for using her position as Daniel’s friend to secure essential listings. She attempted to resolve the issue, but when it became clear that people would constantly question her position within the company, she knew she wasn’t happy anymore. At the end of the season, she accepted Alex Bourne’s offer and informed Daniel that she would be leaving DDRE.

Lauren might have been able to work through her issues, and Daniel would not have wanted to lose a friend and colleague like her, which is why she is still working as a Real Estate Advisor at DDRE. With a career spanning more than half a decade in the real estate business, Lauren knows the importance of having a curated public image, and she leverages her social media to share and promote her business. Besides her occasional vacations to places like Greece, Lisbon, and Ibiza, she frequently visits Cape Town, where she is from. A physical fitness enthusiast, she often makes working out fun and enjoys the life she has built with dedication and hard work.

Oliver Hamilton is Thriving Personally and Professionally

The charming man, always dressed in suits, shed some of his armor when his colleague Rosi took him clothes shopping and helped him change his look. Things got a little troublesome for Oliver when his wife, Avia Solomon, questioned him about getting too flirty with his colleague Juliana. Oli explained to her that he had not done anything intentionally, but he also recognized that he was being selfish and changed his behavior, giving his wife confidence that he was not lying to her.

Oli is flourishing at DDRE Global and is also one of the famous names on Daniel’s He has been married to his wife, a celebrity makeup artist, since 2019, and he has shared that meeting her changed his life. He had been suffering from alcohol and drug dependency but celebrated six years of sobriety in January 2024, attributing much of his success to his wife. Their vacation to Switzerland in February 2024 showcases the love between them. Oli has been able to strike the perfect balance between a successful personal and professional life, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Reme Nicole is Also Associated with Several Non-Profits

Reme Nicole was relatively younger than the rest of the cast members, but in a brief period, she managed to secure a €10 million listing, a noteworthy achievement. She built a strong relationship with her boss, Daniel, who saw himself in her and gladly took on the role of her mentor. Her colleagues advised her to stand up for herself more, and as the season progressed, viewers could see her growing more confident and comfortable in her skin.

As a racial minority in the real estate sector, Reme is determined to shatter every barrier in her path, and her efforts have not gone unnoticed. She earned acclaim as a Rising Star in Robb Report’s ‘Best of the Best: Property’ Summer issue in 2023 and was further recognized by Spears Magazine as one of the 500 Rising Stars in 2024. Reme is also adept at public speaking, having presented at esteemed institutions like the London School of Economics and King’s College and for non-profit organizations such as The Land Collective and Empowering Young Women in Africa. Moreover, she shares her knowledge by teaching courses at the Daniel Daggers Academy.

She has some pretty versatile interests outside her work, which makes her even more enjoyable. In her free time, she can be seen ice skating and even took a trip to Japan after hearing from fellow travelers that it was an excellent place for the sport. She also enjoys horse riding, gymnastics, and tennis on some occasions and is ready to try and enjoy any thrill that life throws her way.

Juliana Ardenius Recently Pioneered a Concept Store

Juliana, the vibrant and affable in-house interior designer at DDRE, found herself in a bit of a predicament when her playful banter with Oliver led to tension with his wife, Avia. When confronted by Avia about her interactions with Oliver, Juliana remained calm, but her friends came to her defense, asserting that Oliver, as a married man, should have upheld the boundaries of his relationship. Despite the misunderstanding, many agents at DDRE, particularly Rasa and Rosi, saw Juliana as a supportive confidante.

Juliana’s journey began in a small town in Sweden, and it wasn’t until she won Miss Congeniality at Miss Teen Universe that she had the opportunity to travel the world as a model, eventually settling in London. Despite facing challenges such as an abusive relationship and financial difficulties, Juliana persevered and rebuilt her life, establishing herself as a brand. Her notable projects include Maison Rainbow, Europe’s largest luxury concept store, which opened in May 2024.

Her work and life have been featured in publications like Tatler, Grazia, and Cosmopolitan. Now a millionaire, Juliana can travel and live on her terms. Alongside her role as an interior designer at DDRE, she is currently involved in designing a cutting-edge yacht with a helipad. Furthermore, Juliana shares her expertise through masterclasses and private consultations, allowing others to learn from and collaborate with her.

Rosi Walden is Working as an Independent Broker Today

Although Rosi Walden maintained a quiet demeanor throughout the season, she didn’t fade into the background; her authenticity made her stand out. She proactively resolved conflicts among her colleagues, such as those between Lauren and Rasa and then between Oli and Reme. Her primary goal was to foster unity within the team, which she achieved through her efforts. Additionally, her role as a trained yoga instructor allowed her to organize a beneficial session for her colleagues, which was widely appreciated and praised.

Rosi has expanded her professional horizons beyond her work with DDReE Global, establishing herself as an independent real estate broker and advisor with the launch of Rosi Walden Luxury Real Estate. Celebrating its first anniversary in January 2024, her venture marks a significant milestone. With a background in law, Rosi has firmly entrenched herself within the real estate community in London, earning recognition for her contributions, including a feature in Top Entrepreneurs Marbella.

Rosi has demonstrated her versatility as a digital creator, boasting approximately 40k followers on Instagram alone. She has collaborated with Assya London for their summer and spring 2024 jewelry collection, showcasing her multifaceted skills. Her digital content spans topics such as travel and wellness, allowing her to forge meaningful connections with her audience and clients alike.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute is also an Ambassador for Locals

Rasa exhibited a spirited and assertive personality during her argument with Lauren, which some perceived as hostility. However, in reality, Rasa was simply standing up for herself when she felt unjustly treated. Upon realizing she wouldn’t be able to go to Dubai, she redirected her focus towards her work, where she quickly excelled. Establishing a strong rapport with her boss and impressing her colleagues, Rasa garnered numerous listings and showcased her capability effectively.

Rasa’s professional endeavors include her role as an educator at the Daniel Daggers Academy, and she’s also invested in enhancing her brand. As an ambassador for Locals, a popular platform facilitating community events and social interactions in London, she’s deeply engaged in local activities. Additionally, Rasa has cultivated strong ties within the fashion industry, maintaining close associations with renowned brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Alo.

Her prominence has also caught the attention of several fashion photographers, making her a favorite subject. Originating from a customer service background at Genting Casinos, a prominent establishment in London, Rasa has leveraged her existing contacts and expanded her network extensively. This strategic networking has propelled her career forward, opening up numerous opportunities.

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