Daniel Daggers: Where is the DDRE Founder Now?

Reality TV shows focusing on real estate have gained significant popularity, offering viewers an inside look at the high-stakes world of property buying, selling, and flipping. Netflix’s ‘Buying London’ provides a glimpse into London’s prime real estate industry by following the DDRE real estate agency and the people associated with it. The dedication and passion of the company’s founder, Daniel Daggers, as well as his dynamic relationship with his employees, have left a strong impression on viewers. Daniel’s journey from his early career to his current status is inspirational, and his vision to revolutionize the real estate industry is equally impressive.

Daniel Daggers Started Working in Real Estate Since He Was 17

Daniel Daggers shared that he was just 17 when he started working in real estate. He joined an independent firm called Vickers and Company, where he worked for ten years. Initially, he began his career selling studio apartments but gradually built up his profile. In 2007, Knight Frank, a leading real estate agency, sought him out and offered him a position, which provided a significant break in his career. He joined Knight Frank as a senior negotiator, and by 2015, he had advanced to become a partner in the firm’s private office.

Daniel Daggers also had the opportunity to expand his horizons, dealing with properties not only in London but also in the US, Russia, France, Italy, and Switzerland. In 2019, he was recognized as one of the UK’s top four residential sales advisors for UHNWIs (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals). Daniel had a futuristic vision for building his brand, aiming to leverage social media and influencer culture to increase his recognition and influence. He believed that real estate sales heavily relied on establishing a personal connection and making clients feel a genuine rapport, a philosophy he carried throughout his career.

In November 2019, it was reported that Daniel Daggers was placed on gardening leave from Knight Frank after allegedly posting pictures of a client’s home on his Instagram without permission. At the beginning of 2020, Daniel left the company and set out on his own, founding Daniel Daggers Real Estate in March 2020. He knew his journey from that point would be challenging, as he was an individual competing against corporate giants that had dominated the real estate industry for decades. However, his innovative approach and dedication positioned him as a formidable player in the market.

In 2022, Daniel rebranded his company and founded DDRE Global, through which he hired stylish, new-age real estate agents who believed in his concept of personal branding for agents. He built a strong team dedicated to making him proud and gradually established relationships with top-tier property developers. This strategic approach allowed DDRE Global to carve out a significant presence in the highly competitive real estate market.

Daniel Daggers is a Single Man Today

Daniel Daggers earned the nickname “Mr. Super Prime” because he specializes in high-end real estate transactions, particularly those valued at £10 million and above. His impressive track record includes selling over £5 billion properties to London’s elite. Alongside his remarkable achievements in real estate, Daniel has also founded ADVSR.ai, a marketing platform for the real estate sector that allows various agencies to collaborate and enhance their market positions. Given his extensive expertise and industry experience, Daniel knows that many people look up to him. He is open about sharing his trade secrets and tips that have contributed to his success, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field.

Daniel Daggers also runs the Daniel Daggers Academy, an online course for aspiring real estate agents. He imparts his extensive knowledge and expertise through this platform to help others succeed in the industry. He frequently uses social media to share wisdom with his followers, believing these insights can benefit them. In November 2019, Daniel was honored as the UK Property Advisor of the Year by Spears Magazine.

While London remains his primary base of operations, Daniel has expanded his reach to include markets in Italy, the US, and especially Dubai, where property prospects are booming. An admitted workaholic, he occasionally finds time to play football, a recreational activity he has enjoyed since he was young. Despite his busy schedule, Daniel values his friendships within the industry and occasionally takes time to unwind and have fun.

Many of Daniel Daggers’ colleagues and even his parents have often inquired about his personal life, particularly if he has a romantic partner. His mother, tearful and concerned, expressed her desire to see Daniel with a partner. He has shared that his demanding work schedule leaves him with little time for recreational dating. Despite this, he has dreamed of having a wife and kids since he was young. He believes a meaningful relationship should grow naturally and is confident it will happen in time. As of now, Daniel has not publicly announced being in a relationship and appears to be single.

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