Byron Baes Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Australia’s Byron Bay is the most hip-and-happening place for influencers and content creators. A picturesque seaside town in New South Wales packed with rolling beaches and diverse culture, Byron Bay is often considered the Mecca for those who want to find fame online. Biting into that idea, Netflix’s ‘Byron Baes’ provides a window into the lives of a group of local social media influencers.

In the show, cameras document every moment as the cast members balance their professional and personal lives while maintaining relationships, creating content, and dealing with everyday issues simultaneously. Moreover, the show also throws in a mix of high-octane drama and steamy romances, making for an exciting watch. With season 1 now behind us, fans have been busy wondering where the influencer cast is at present. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Where Is Sarah St. James Now?

Sarah St. James moved to Byron Bay from her home on the Gold Coast at the beginning of the season. Although she was quick to form friendships, Sarah soon found herself in a love triangle with Elias Chigros and Nathan Favro, which led to several altercations between the two. However, it looks like Sarah has repaired her relationship with most of her castmates and is on amicable terms with them at present. Although the lack of confirmation about her and Nathan’s relationship makes us believe that she is still single, Sarah seems to have stuck to Byron Bay and has built up a life surrounded by friends and family.

Where Is Jade Kevin Foster Now?

The self-proclaimed most-followed male influencer in Australia, Jade also moved to Byron Bay in order to be close to like-minded people. Although he was quick to strike up a friendship with Jessica and Lauren Johansen-Bell, Alex Reid believed his follower base to be fake and inflated. This led to an enormous feud that contributed heavily to the show’s drama and created a rift between the group. However, Jade has since used his charm to win his castmates over and is fast friends with most. Besides, from the looks of it, he has left Byron Bay and currently resides on the Gold Coast, where he is focusing his attention on furthering his career and managing his line of self-tanners.

Where Is Nathan Favro Now?

Although Sarah was confused between Elias and Nathan initially, she soon chose the latter and built up an excellent relationship with him. However, most of the group chose to alienate the newcomer, and once false rumors about Nathan and Elle’s connection began doing the rounds, Sarah decided to distance herself from everything. At present, Nathan still lives in Byron Bay and is a loving dad to his dog. Apart from going up the ladder as a successful influencer, Nathan is also involved in numerous social service activities that are aimed towards helping Byron Bay and its residents.

Where Is Elias Chigros Now?

Elias was quite interested in Sarah, but she decided to choose Nathan over him. This led to a massive feud that almost threatened to break the group up. However, the two have since managed to mend their differences and have gone back to being friends. Residing in Byron Bay at present, Elias is focusing on his career as an amateur boxer. He also works as a model for top fashion brands and with newfound fame from ‘Byron Baes’ is also looking to build up a life as a successful influencer.

Where is Jessica Johansen-Bell Now?

Jessica Johansen-Bell is a longtime resident of Byron Bay and built up an excellent connection with Jade Foster on the show. Very much in love with Byron Bay and its surroundings, Jessica still lives in the beautiful seaside town and is in a lovely relationship with her partner, Adam. Besides, she even owns and manages the luxury Australian designer label Johansen.

Where Is Lauren Johansen-Bell Now?

Although Lauren is an established fashion model, ‘Byron Baes’ gave her the opportunity to star on television for the first time. Going on the show helped Lauren make numerous friends, and from the looks of it, she has maintained a close bond with most of her castmates. At present, she resides in Byron Bay with her sister and, apart from modeling for top brands, also models for Jessica’s designer label from time to time.

Where Is Cai Leplaw Now?

As a professional photographer, Cai has an immense following on social media and is quite recognized in his field. Although he prefers to keep his personal life under wraps, it seems like he still resides in New South Wales and is busy earning more fame as a photographer. Moreover, apart from Cai’s social media influence, he also has his photographs displayed in NSW’s pack gallery studio, which itself stands as a testimony to his brilliance.

Where Is Alex Reid Now?

Alex Reid prefers to live his life under the radar and, as a result, has most of his social media profiles set to private. However, we know that Alex is the director of two successful talent agencies, namely Amplify and the Traction Agency. As his agencies are based out of New South Wales, we can safely assume that Alex, too, resides in the same state.

Where Is Hannah Brauer Now?

Another longtime local of Byron Bay, Hannah Brauer, works as the co-creative director of her family’s Byron Bay boutique business, Bisque Traders. Although the lack of a romantic someone in her social media posts hint at her being single, she shares a wonderful bond with her family and loved ones. Besides, Hanna even works as a model, and with ‘Byron Baes’ she found the spotlight to further herself as an online influencer.

Where Is Elle Watson Now?

A successful businesswoman with a passion for bettering the environment, Elle was responsible for establishing the One Sustainability Fund, which helps address and fight climate change. Currently, she still resides in Byron Bay and, apart from her corporate life, also involves herself with several philanthropic organizations. Unfortunately, although the show documented her dreamy engagement to Stephen “Stav” Rodan, her longtime partner, the two have since broken up and are living separately.

Where Is Simba Ali Now?

Simba previously had a corporate job in Sydney. However, the show mentions that he chose to change his profession after facing a personal tragedy and found solace in being a spiritual healer and guide. At present, Simba resides in Byron Bay and has chosen to keep his life entirely out of the public sphere. However, he has found his calling as a fire dancer. Throughout the season, he can be seen trying to settle altercations between his castmates.

Where Is Saskia Wotton Now?

Saskia Wotton mentioned that she adores Byron Bay and thus, naturally still resides in the picturesque town. She is in a longtime relationship with her partner, Dave Firm, and the two seem to have built up a wonderful life together. From the looks of it, ‘Byron Baes’ helped Saskia make numerous friendly connections and bonds that she maintains to this day. Besides, apart from being a fashion sales director for the fashion brand Silk Laundry, Saskia also teased her own project, MUMA, which we can expect to witness in the near future.

Where Is Dave Firm Now?

An entrepreneur in his own right, Dave mentioned that he was currently working towards establishing his own boutique airline. A family man through and through, Dave shares a beautiful bond with his loved ones and often features his family on social media. Besides, his relationship with Saskia is also a wonder to witness, and we hope they remain happy in the years to come.

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