What was Cady Groves’ Net Worth?

Cady Groves is an American singer and songwriter from Marlow, Oklahoma. As a child, Groves grew up in relatively small towns and had to witness strained family relationships, including her parents’ divorce. Often, she’d sing along with Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In A Bottle,” inside her closet, because she didn’t want others hearing her trying to match the melismas.

However, Groves was discouraged from pursuing a career in music, despite her talent for songwriting and singing. Ultimately, it was her brother’s demise that convinced her to follow her dreams and aspirations. She started as a songwriter, but when a session vocalist failed to show up after she’d booked time to record demos, Groves sang the songs herself. With the encouragement of the engineers, Groves began to build her first independent EP, titled “A Month of Sundays.” Since then, there has been no looking back for Groves. Naturally, you might be curious about how much the singer-songwriter is worth. We have got you covered in that regard.

How did Cady Groves Make Her Money?

After Cady’s first EP, “A Month of Sundays,” in 2009, she came out with “The Life of a Pirate” in 2010. Eventually, Cady’s media pages started to attract a lot of traffic, which led to bids from several record labels, looking to sign her. In 2010, Graves signed with RCA and went on a nationwide concert tour, opening for Third Eye Blind, Good Charlotte, and All Time Low.

Eventually, she left RCA to sign with Vel Records, a New York-based independent label. Here, Groves shifted her attention to songwriting, making music she was genuinely passionate about. Apart from a single in 2015, Groves also released ‘Dreams,’ her Vel Records debut EP. It was made available for free download, as a sign of appreciation for her fans. Soon after, Groves also went on a 30-market High School Nation Tour, performing for more than 50,000 high school students.

Some of Cady’s most notable songs include “This Little Girl,” “Oh Darlin’,” “Forget You,” and “Love Actually.” The song, “Oh Darlin’,” spent five weeks on the Billboard Rock Digital Songs Chart, peaking at the 36th position.

Cady Groves Net Worth 2020:

According to our estimates, Cady Groves’ net worth, as of 2020, was $5 million. We know for a fact that Cady has made most of her wealth from her career as a professional country singer. Moreover, she’s had a successful run and amassed a massive fan following, which could explain her vast wealth. Unfortunately, the exact details of her annual salary, or valuation of other assets, remain unknown.

Notably, Cady Groves passed away in May 2020, at the age of 30. You can check out a tweet from her brother below, clarifying the situation of Cady’s demise. As is evident, Cady was looking forward to releasing a new album in a few months. Fans will undoubtedly mourn the loss, and the album’s sales are bound to reflect that.

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