Caitlin and Matt: Is the Love After Lockup Couple Still Together?

In a realm where love often dances along the edge of unpredictability, one couple stood out, capturing the attention of audiences during their appearance on ‘Love After Lockup.’ In season 2, Caitlin Gainer and Matt Frasier entered the scene and painted a picture of passion and uncertainty. Their journey unfolded with a unique blend of anticipation and reality, carving a space for themselves in the annals of reality television. But the viewers didn’t know that this couple’s love story was about to embark on an adventurous rollercoaster ride, weaving through the complexities of life both inside and outside the prison walls.

Caitlin and Matt’s Love After Lockup Journey Was Adventurous

The love story of Matt Frasier and Caitlin Gainer unfolded with a unique blend of passion, anticipation, and stark reality. The genesis of their relationship was an unconventional meeting through a pen pal ad on Craigslist. Despite spending only scant time together during Matt’s incarceration, the couple swiftly forged plans to marry and purchase a home together. Their romance took an adventurous turn when Caitlin, wasting no time, picked up Matt from prison and the couple shared an intimate encounter in the woods.

However, the veneer of romance soon cracked as they grappled with the challenges of building a relationship outside the prison walls. The struggles became glaringly evident to the viewers of the show when Matt found himself in trouble once again, arrested for the possession of a stolen vehicle. Caitlin, despite bailing him out, faced the harsh reality that he could potentially face another 20 years behind bars. This realization led her to declare that she wasn’t willing to be a prison wife, signaling the end of their tumultuous romance. The poignant moment captured on camera revealed Caitlin’s decision to part ways with Matt.

While she expressed sadness at the farewell, it was evident that the couple was far from ready to embark on the journey of marriage. Caitlin’s disillusionment with the fairy-tale notion of their relationship showcased the stark contrast between dreams and reality. The show further peeled back the layers of Caitlin’s life, exposing a difficult upbringing marked by drug-addicted parents, adding depth to the challenges she faced in her pursuit of love with Matt. The unraveling of their love story became a microcosm of the complexities that can arise when the bonds of prison love are tested by the harshness of the outside world.

Caitlin Gainer and Matt Frasier Are Not Together Anymore

Following the conclusion of the show, the romantic entanglement of Caitlin and Matt took a sharp turn towards separation. The couple officially split before the second season’s finale, leaving the audience with a glimpse into their post-show lives. Caitlin is no longer tethered to the relationship and made appearances on ‘Love After Lockup…Life Goes On’ to share her journey of moving on. Caitlin’s candid reflections have revealed a newfound strength and independence. She disclosed, “I wish I would have added to Matt’s tooth hole. I wish I would have clocked him in his mouth when he told me to pipe down.”

The revelation hinted at the intense emotional turmoil she has experienced while navigating the challenges of the relationship. Reports have surfaced about Caitlin’s past, indicating two previous marriages and a child, though she does not have custody. In an Instagram post, she opened up about her struggles with alcohol addiction, anxiety, and depression. Despite her hardships, Caitlin has asserted her commitment to sobriety, sharing, “I’m sitting here today, not drunk.” Her life has taken a positive turn as she embraces a new role as the Front End Manager at Atlas Home Services and has also found happiness in a new relationship.

Conversely, Matt’s post-show journey has unfolded as a series of legal troubles and personal struggles. The season finale of the show confirmed Matt’s moving in with a new girlfriend. His life since then has become entangled with a string of arrests, starting with a January 2019 incident for the possession of a stolen vehicle. Despite fan inquiries, Caitlin chose not to bail him out. The subsequent months saw a troubling pattern of arrests, including charges for meth possession, heroin possession, stolen credit cards, and driving-related infractions.

Matt’s legal woes escalated, leading to multiple bench warrants, court appearances, and jail bookings. In August 2020, he faced charges of first-degree assault and first-degree burglary, with speculation of a plea deal to reduce his charges. Adding to the gravity of the situation, it was revealed by Caitlin in a recent show video that Matt is currently serving a lengthy sentence of 7 to 9 years for multiple home invasions. He has kept his personal life very private, and although some charges were dropped, he still faces the prospect of spending a substantial period behind bars.

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