Cakes Body After Shark Tank: A Game-Changer in Women’s Breast Support

In the expansive realm of women’s breast support, the options are plentiful, ranging from bras with padding for added volume, and sports bras for active lifestyles, to cupped bras providing specific shaping. However, the diversity of bodies brings forth unique needs, choosing the right bra is a challenging task, often compounded by the limitations of available options that may not meet individual requirements. Cakes Body, stepping into the spotlight on ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15, Episode 9, emerged as a game-changer in the industry. With a commitment to addressing the diverse needs of all body types, Cakes Body introduced a revolutionary product that promises to redefine comfort and support in the world of women’s undergarments.

Cakes Body: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

In 2022, the collaboration of two sisters, Casey and Taylor Capuano, gave rise to a remarkably simple yet innovative product. Their creation addressed a common issue in sports bras – the discomfort caused by ineffective and non-breathable pads that lead to increased sweating. The solution they introduced was both practical and sustainable – washable and reusable nipple covers. This product resonated with a diverse demographic, catering not only to those engaged in sports but also extending its utility to individuals who had undergone mastectomies, breastfeeding mothers, and those navigating through various body changes.

Taylor, armed with an economics degree from St. Lawrence University, began her professional journey as an assistant account executive, steadily climbing the ranks to senior management in the field of marketing. In 2012, she founded the Young Professional Association, showcasing her leadership and organizational skills. Similarly, her sister Casey, a Quinnipiac University graduate, had a distinguished academic career and accumulated about a decade’s worth of experience in corporate marketing.

Feeling the pull towards something more impactful, the sisters embarked on a shared journey in 2022, driven by a mutual desire to create a product that addressed a common issue while fostering comfort and sustainability. Cakes Body’s nipple covers are designed with a commitment to inclusivity, offering different sizes to cater to the diverse needs of individuals. The innovative use of medical-grade silicone sets their product apart, utilizing body heat for adhesion instead of artificial adhesives that often leave unwanted sticky residues. This feature not only ensures a secure fit but also promotes comfort.

What makes Cakes Body truly stand out is the sustainability aspect; these nipple covers can be used repeatedly, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative. After a simple wash with soap and lukewarm water, they are ready to be used again, making them a durable and environmentally conscious choice. The genuine brilliance of their product quickly garnered attention through word of mouth and social media, propelling the business to establish itself within a remarkably short timeframe of less than a year.

The journey of Cakes Body to the ‘Shark Tank’ stage reflects the tenacity and determination of its founders. Their initial application in July 2022 faced rejection, but undeterred, they applied again for the 15th season in September 2022. The beginning of 2023 brought them the news of official acceptance, marking the start of a dedicated six-month preparation period for their pitch. In a true family effort, their dad played a crucial role, even offering his head as a prop for their practice sessions—an amusing testament to their collaborative spirit.

Where is Cakes Body Now?

Since their appearance on the show, Los Angeles based Cakes Body has experienced a notable upward trajectory. They had been featured in reputable publications such as Glamour, Vogue, and Vanity Fair but the reality TV visibility significantly changed the game for them. Beyond the products themselves, several factors have contributed to the establishment of a strong community around the brand. Cakes Cares, their philanthropic initiative, exemplifies their commitment to social responsibility. For every sale, the brand donates $1 to Breast Cancer Coalition & The Previvor, supporting organizations dedicated to women’s health. Additionally, their Hype Girl Program, akin to a membership, offers exclusive benefits such as access to unreleased products, participation in exclusive events, and even a commission-based earning system.

Cakes Body prioritizes inclusivity by offering their nipple covers, or “Cakes,” in three distinct colors—honey, caramel, and cocoa—suitable for various skin tones. Moreover, recognizing the diversity in body types, they provide three different sizes: Itty Bitty for AA to A cup sizes, OG for B to DD cup sizes, and + for DDD+ cup sizes. Priced at $30 per piece, the nipple covers ensure a seamless fit, emphasizing comfort and versatility. The ethos of Cakes Body, with its focus on cancer research and genuine intent, not only creates a product with purpose but also fosters a strong connection with its audience. This is what posits Cakes Body for a future marked by continued success and positive impact.

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