Pick-Up Bricks After Shark Tank: Transforming Mess into Moments of Play

Having children around the house, as delightful as it is, often comes with a side of messiness. Parents frequently find themselves tending to the task of picking up their kids’ toys, a chore that seems never-ending. Among these toys, Legos are notorious for being abundant and a real pain to step on. Parents are often trailing behind their kids, repeatedly asking them to pick up their scattered Legos. Interestingly, the 8th episode of the 15th season of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ showcases a solution to this common parental woe – Pick-Up Bricks. This kid-safe vacuum not only makes cleaning more enjoyable for kids but also provides parents with a much-needed break from the Lego minefield.

Pick-Up Bricks: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The concept behind Pick-Up Bricks originated with Aurora Weinstock, a Los Angeles resident and mother of three boys. Faced with the common challenge of tidying up after her kids, particularly contending with the notorious Lego pieces, she recognized the widespread nature of this issue after conversing with friends and family. Wondering why there wasn’t a dedicated vacuum for children to clean up their toys, she took matters into her own hands. Over four years, she diligently worked on building prototypes, testing them, and having her kids try them out, and eventually succeeded in creating Pick-Up Bricks by 2022.

During her entrepreneurial journey, Aurora Weinstock found a valuable ally in her brother-in-law, who eventually became the co-founder of Pick-Up Bricks. Sharing a personal connection to the product as a parent himself, he played a pivotal role in various aspects of the business, including logistics, marketing, customer service, and overall business operations. Their collaborative efforts and complementary skills allowed the duo to successfully build and grow their business.

Pick-Up Bricks proves to be not only a convenient solution for kids but also a game-changer for adults passionate about Legos who find constant cleaning a hassle. This cordless vacuum goes beyond merely picking up toy pieces; it efficiently separates and captures dust, pet hair, lint, and food crumbs, keeping the play area pristine. With its patented design incorporating a multi-stage collection system, the vacuum is capable of handling up to 1000 Lego pieces in a minute. Since its inception, the product has garnered enthusiastic responses and has been featured in prominent media outlets, including The Today Show, Daily Mail, and The Sun.

Pick-Up Bricks Update: Where Are They Now?

Pick-Up Bricks has evolved into a thriving business, experiencing a surge in popularity since its appearance on Shark Tank. As a Weinstock family-owned enterprise, the company places a significant emphasis on customer satisfaction. Continuously evolving, they are actively engaged in developing new products and designs aimed at enhancing the lives of their customers. Beyond being a product, Pick-Up Bricks instills a positive habit in children, turning the task of picking up and cleaning into a more engaging and less burdensome activity. It goes beyond mere functionality, contributing to a positive and responsible mindset in the younger generation.

Pick-Up Bricks takes pride in offering reasonably priced products, with their vacuum priced at $99. Additionally, the company frequently provides sales and discounts, such as their Christmas sale which features a generous 30% off on their products. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and the longevity of their offerings, Pick-Up Bricks also offers accessories and replacement parts. For instance, customers can purchase a hose for $10 and a charger for $15, ensuring that minor issues or wear and tear do not necessitate buying an entirely new product, further enhancing the value and practicality of their offerings.

The Pick-Up Bricks website and social media pages are adorned with glowing reviews from satisfied customers who have purchased and loved the product. The accolades come from a diverse range of users, spanning from parents to grandparents, all praising the vacuum for its multifaceted benefits. Many users hail it not just as a cleaning tool but as a transformative toy that instills valuable habits in children. The overwhelmingly positive feedback stands as a testament to the product’s effectiveness and its ability to resonate with a broad audience and it will be exciting to see what more they offer in the coming years.

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