The Fidget Game Shark Tank Update: Making Education More Accessible

Bridging the widened gap of accessibility and learning between young students, Brandi Dugal presents a unique educational game in season 15, episode 7 of ‘Shark Tank.’ The ABC reality television series has garnered acclaim over the years for helping businesses and entrepreneurial ventures get off the ground. Likewise, Brandi Dugal’s The Fidget Game is a unique children’s game that helps young students gain awareness and reach their reading level. The game hopes to create a monumental difference in the lives of impressionable children. Displaying the extent of effects the invention has brought, fans have continued to wonder more about the founder and the brand’s journey since then.

The Fidget Game: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

As an educator herself, Brandi wasn’t foreign to the countless difficulties young students face within the classroom. However, she’s always believed that posing the question correctly and laying the groundwork for students can often make a groundbreaking difference in their educational trajectory. Over the years, Brandi has delivered her unique learnings across different countries. She has taught students in Canada, rural Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bahrain, and the United States. In the six years she’s dedicated her time and effort to helping students learn, she came to understand the one common worry that all parents and kids possessed: Learning how to read effortlessly.

Brandi had a moment of realization when she entered a classroom and found that 90% of her students were reading below their grade level. This struck her immensely and propelled her into action. Instead of drafting modules and having children repeat and reread, she managed to strategize and create a product that wouldn’t make reading such an arduous task for young children. Not only did she dive deep into the problem at hand, but she also took long hours researching and collating strategies. Finally, she managed to create a product vetted by science that would help children map the road to their reading capabilities.

It wasn’t long before her prototype became a massive success, and the better part of her students were reading at or above their grade level. Inspired by the impact that the game created, Brandi was further fuelled by its success. She decided to collaborate with teachers and reading specialists to create educational games that would cater to the curriculum designed for students. Brandi kickstarted The Fidget Game at a higher level by creating an effective game that would make learning fun.

Where is The Fidget Game Today?

Since its inception, The Fidget Game has continued to scale its impact under the leadership of its creator and founder, Brandi Dugal. Backed by a social entrepreneurial mission, The Fidget Game hasn’t just made its products available to the clientele in the States but has also made its products accessible to people far and wide. Since its launch, the company’s products have found their way into 50,000 schools and counting. Not just this, the team has also donated their educational games to classrooms and school districts in need.

The brand firmly believes that education is a fundamental human right which should be made accessible to everyone. In the hopes of making literacy and math skills available and accessible, the company has given its products to several schools. For developing children, multi-sensory objects and a game-based approach make learning much more easy. These methods facilitate learning at a higher speed and increase knowledge retention, too. Besides making their products available across a number of educational institutions, the brand is also working with schools to produce learning resources.

Among the streak of products available on their website, the Shark Tank Best Sellers Bundle and Shark Tank Kindergarten Bundle have appealed to several consumers. The games are priced at $105.00 and $140.00. However, discounts and gift codes reduce the prizes significantly. The website provides easy returns for customers and has made free shipping available to consumers who purchase products over $45.00. Other famous products in The Fidget Game’s inventory include Word Pop, priced at $34.99. The Fidget Game: Sight Word Edition, priced at $35.99, has won the praise of numerous consumers.

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