Cameron and Matthew: The Twin Love Couple is Still Friends

‘Twin Love’ features fourteen twins who hope to find love in a unique setting. The social dating experiment is hosted by ‘WWE’ twins Nikki and Brie Garcia, who help twenty-eight individuals find forevermore. As the siblings are divided into two houses, they create new memories with other cast members. From heading on dates to participating in challenges, the close quarters of the tropical paradise help the contestants find their special someone. Hoping to overcome minuscule impediments, Cameron Mckegney and Matthew Beatty had solidified their relationship in the season. Given their journey in the reality dating series, fans have continued to wonder more about their relationship.

Cameron and Matthew’s Twin Love Journey

Along with their twins, 24-year-old Cameron and 25-year-old Matthew decided to find love surrounded by other singles. In the hopes of finding a long-lasting romance, the North Carolina and Massachusetts native made their way to ‘Twin Love.’ From sparking an initial interest in one another to continuing their journey as a unit, Cameron and Matthew remained fascinated by one another throughout the season. While their date on the beach cabana in Malibu helped them understand each other a lot better, their journey throughout the series helped them develop a greater trust in each other as individuals, too. From sharing stories about their families to discussing their siblings and their disposition, the duo consistently found more commonalities within each other.

When Cameron and Matthew were joined by their twins in the final episode, they had a chance to connect as a quad. However, their relationship hit a snag when Ceara decided to end things with Andrew, Matthew’s twin. While Cameron implored Ceara to try long distances, Matthew felt that Ceara’s decision was unfair to Andrew. Seeing their siblings part, it could’ve been possible for Matthew and Cameron to face impediments, too. However, the duo didn’t let their relationship be affected by the decision of their twins. Instead, they walked hand in hand into the finals. Seeing their unbridled devotion to each other, the two became one of the partners in the running for ‘Best Couple.’ Even though they didn’t win the top spot or the cash prize, they still walked away from the season happy, having found one another.

Why Did Cameron and Matthew Break Up?

Beyond the tropical paradise that the Garden House offered, Cameron and Matthew had to face the obstructions provided by reality. After filming concluded, the individuals returned to taking control of their professional trajectory and personal life. In the midst of such things, it became difficult for Cameron and Matthew to continue a long-lasting relationship. Another issue that provided several impediments between the duo was distance. Since Cameron is based in North Carolina and Matthew is currently working in Texas, the duo had to deal with a significant distance, too.

Given the nascent nature of their relationship, Cameron and Matthew felt that it was best to end things instead of dragging them further. Even though the couple is no longer together, they have still remained on friendly terms with one another. As seen on the show, Matthew went on to date someone else after the season came to an end. Not just this, he and Cameron had also made plans to visit each other. So, even though the individuals had to cut their romantic relationship short, it is apparent that they parted on amicable terms and are still wishing each other the best.

While they have decidedly remained quiet about their personal life, their professional strides continue to shine. After his time on the Prime series, Matthew has resumed his work with Emerald Tech, a musical duo. Specialising in electronic music, Matthew and his brother, Andrew, have recently released a new track entitled, ‘When I Saw You.’ Cameron has since been working as a model and has displayed her skills in several campaigns.

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