Cameron Fath: US Army Ranger is an Entrepreneur Today

Netflix’s ‘Toughest Forces on Earth’ features three veterans traveling the globe to receive training from elite military units. Among them is Cameron Fath, a former United States Army Ranger, who performed at peak level throughout the season. Whether mastering anti-terrorism tactics in Jordan or training in urban warfare with the Mexican Armed Forces, Fath consistently demonstrated readiness and fostered a healthy sense of competition with his companions. His straightforward approach and quick learning ability made him a standout on the show.

Cameron Fath Showed His Driving Skills in Mexico

The trio began their journey with a military unit in Jordan. Despite enduring the scorching 39-degree Celsius heat and less enjoyable moments like eating watermelon under the sun, Cameron Fath made the most of his desert training. He excelled in various tasks, including beating Dean in a simple challenge. His efforts were particularly praised during a drill focused on evading ambushes in open spaces. He swiftly guided his team to safety, adhering to all protocols and ensuring their success.

In the chilly mountains of the Austrian Alps, Fath faced significant challenges. The climb was arduous, and his strength began to wane, but with the support of his partners, he persevered and participated in the most intensive drills. One particularly tough task involved entering an ice hole and making their way across, which he completed. He later admitted it was one of the most challenging things he had ever done. Following this ordeal, he developed a fever and needed to rest before resuming his mission.

Cameron Fath truly excelled in Mexico when the team undertook off-road driving courses. He shared that his extensive off-road driving experience in the Army and stunt driving lessons as a civilian made him particularly adept at these drills. The journey concluded with training alongside the US Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team, where he recognized his immense learning opportunities and gained a deep respect for the work of others. This experience allowed him to appreciate different perspectives and broadened his understanding of various military practices.

Where is Cameron Fath Now?

Cameron Fath began his career in June 2014 as an Infantry Soldier with the 75th Ranger Regiment of the US Army. Stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington, he served as a Special Operations Team Leader. After more than four years of active duty, he left the military in November 2018, seeking new challenges and developing an interest in business. In 2019, he enrolled at Moorpark College, earning an associate’s degree in Business Administration and Management by 2020. He didn’t stop there; he continued his education at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Management and graduating in 2022.

After his active duty, Fath joined the Army National Guard as a Reconnaissance Team Leader. While pursuing his academic goals, he also worked at Franklin Global, an investigative, security, and intelligence firm providing executive protection. From November 2018 to 2019, he served as an Executive Protection Agent. Afterward, he shifted his career path, becoming a content creator for Jellysmack, a role he held from 2021 to 2023. In July 2023, Fath’s service with the Army National Guard concluded, and he began working with NECAS, LLC. It holds multiple small business certifications and provides products and services to ensure its customers’ combat readiness and military preparedness.

Fath joined as a Government Procurement Specialist, and in September 2023, he was promoted to Vice President of the company. He has established himself as a content creator with approximately 35k followers on Instagram and a robust and discerning presence on YouTube and LinkedIn. He collaborates with brands like Toor Knives and Soflete, a wellness and fitness platform known for its cutting-edge, technology-driven approach. His promotional videos for these brands are top-notch, reflecting his significant effort to distinguish himself in the digital space.

Fath founded KITGOD, a brand that sells products like T-shirts, bags, toolkits, stickers, and caps in cool styles. He also works closely with Defense Strategies Group, an LA-based forum that provides overseas security, executive protection, and world-class training to its customers. They also work for social and philanthropic causes for veterans, and he engages in many of their events, such as the marathon, which they organized in March 2024 to contribute to addressing veteran suicide rates.

Fath and Sydney Kenn have been in a committed relationship since 2019, culminating in their engagement in 2022, following Fath’s romantic proposal on Valentine’s Day that year. His every post and expression about his wife resonates with the depth of his love for her, and they eagerly anticipate their upcoming wedding day. Whether enjoying leisurely vacations in San Pedro, Belize or exploring the trails of California together, they stand by each other’s side. Along with their charming cats, they form a blissful family unit and have made their home in Monrovia, California.

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