Candace Nelson on Sugar Rush: All You Need to Know

Sugar Rush‘ is a fantastic cooking show on Netflix, especially if you enjoy your desserts. Contestants bake cakes and confections and aim to win the grand prize. Indulge your sweet tooth as the judges select the best cakes and pastries. For a show dealing with baked foods, one would expect an authority figure to be present. We don’t have to look beyond Candace Nelson. She’s made a name for herself with a chain of cupcake stores all over America. Nelson brings a degree of expertise and experience to the Netflix series, which is undeniable. Curious to know more about her? We have got you covered.

What Does Candace Nelson Do?

Candace Nelson grew up in Indonesia and moved to the US for education. Nelson graduated from Wesleyan University but was pretty far removed from the world of baking. In fact, Nelson was initially an investment banker. Her interest in baking was always evident, however, since she graduated from a professional pastry making program in San Francisco. The course served as a turning point since she discovered her passion for baking.

The Oklahoma banker had to switch careers after the dotcom bust meddled with her job. She opened her first bakery, Sprinkles, in Beverly Hills. It was an instant hit, prompting Candace to open another in Newport Beach. Nelson’s cupcakes became famous amongst celebrities like Oprah and Blake Lively. Perhaps, Candace’s most significant design has been the cupcake ATM, which primarily dispenses cupcakes throughout the day for instant sugar cravings. Due to her nationwide popularity, Candace has now opened multiple stores all over America.

‘Sugar Rush’ is not even her first cooking competition show. Nelson has been a judge on ‘Cupcake Wars.’ She’s no stranger to the entertainment business and has been invited to talk shows like ‘Good Morning America.’ Nelson’s also made it to the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, among others. Here’s Candace promoting Sprinkles, via a giveaway.

Who is in Candace Nelson’s Family?

Not much is known about Candace’s parents or siblings. She likes to keep that side of her life private, perhaps. However, we do know that Candace is married to Charles Nelson. The two used to be investment bankers before they started Sprinkles together. Nelson is also the happy mother to two kids. You can see a picture of Charles and the kids below.

When Candace is not busy with her professional life, her sons are indeed a handful, and she loves spending time with them. Here are the kids all dressed up as ‘Toy Story‘ characters.

Candace Nelson Net Worth:

Nelson has amassed an impressive amount of wealth. As per reports, Candace Nelson’s net worth is nearly $10 million as of 2020. Candace has made most of her money from the highly successful cupcake business, of course. She seems to have given her blood, sweat, and tears to Sprinkles. Notably, there was a time when Candace would get as little as two hours of sleep, and would often spend those on the kitchen floor of Sprinkles. Thus, it is rewarding to see her hard work pay off. Of course, her appearance on cooking competitions have also helped her finances, and Netflix’s ‘Sugar Rush’ is another step in that direction. We’ll leave you with a post by Nelson promoting the series.

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