Candice Parchment Murder: Where are Marshae Hickman and Jermaine Robinson Now?

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In 2010, a teenager’s sudden disappearance in Clayton County, Georgia, ended in tragedy when her remains were found in a wooded area a few months later. But in a frustrating development, there wasn’t a lot of evidence to aid the authorities in finding her killer. Investigation Discovery’s ‘The Truth in the Diary’ chronicles how Candice Parchment’s murder was solved because of an unlikely discovery her mom made more than a year after the teenager’s death. So, let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

How Did Candice Parchment Die?

Candice Parchment was a 15-year-old living in Clayton County, Georgia, with her mother, Caffian Hyatt. She was a student at Forest Park High School in Georgia, and by all means, had a promising life ahead of her. Candice was close to her mother, so it was uncharacteristic for her to suddenly leave home on April 28, 2010. Caffian couldn’t get a hold of her daughter despite trying multiple times.

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However, she did receive two texts from Candice’s phone saying that she was okay and was in Tennessee. However, Caffian didn’t believe her daughter sent those and continued to search for her. In November 2010, the search ended when authorities found Candice’s remains under a mattress in a wooded area close to her home. The autopsy revealed that she was stabbed and strangled to death.

Who Killed Candice Parchment?

Over three months before Candice’s disappearance, she survived an attempted sexual assault on her. On January 5, 2010, Caffian was driving around looking for her daughter when she pulled into an abandoned house’s driveway. Back then, Candice only told her mother she was attacked but didn’t tell her who it was. Despite Caffian’s insistence, Candice didn’t go to the police about it. Sadly, more than three months later, she suddenly disappeared, with her body being found in November 2010.

The case didn’t move forward until Caffian found Candice’s diary while prepping for a move in October 2011. In an entry from January 5, 2010, the 15-year-old had identified her attackers as Marshae Hickman and Jermaine Robinson, two teenagers from the area. According to the diary, “Jermaine hit her in the head with a rake and Marsha blocked the door” to prevent her from running away. Jermaine then choked Candice while Marshae groped the young girl.

Around this time, Caffian had called Candice and spoke for a bit; she had also come by the abandoned house, leading to the two men panicking and leaving. Furthermore, Marshae had threatened to kill Candice if she told anyone what happened. Upon learning this information, the authorities looked into them and realized Marshae was already in custody on an unrelated burglary charge. When questioned, he admitted placing his arms around Candice’s neck and squeezed it tightly until she went limp.

While there was evidence that Candice was also stabbed, Marshae only confessed to strangling her. He claimed to have blacked out when it happened, but the authorities believed he returned to the place several times to confirm Candice’s body wasn’t found. The remains were located near the apartment complex where Marshae lived. Jermaine later stated that Marshae told him to hit Candice and choke her, threatening to kill them both if he didn’t comply.

Where Are Marshae Hickman and Jermaine Robinson Now?

At Marshae Hickman’s trial in April 2013, he apologized for what happened in a letter, saying, “I am sorry for what I have done. I was in the wrong state of mind, and this haunts me every day. I wish I could bring her back.” Marshae, then 21, was eventually found guilty of malice murder, felony murder, false imprisonment, attempted rape, involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and concealing a death.

The defense claimed Jermaine was likely the killer because he knew more about the crime. Earlier, he talked about Candice being stabbed. Furthermore, Marshae’s attorney claimed her client was coerced into a confession and interrogated for extremely long hours. In the end, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus an additional 20 years.

Marshae was also handed down a concurrent 50-year sentence for the attack and attempted rape. Jermaine pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and testified against Marshae. From what we can tell, Jermaine has since been released from prison and seems to have kept himself out of trouble. Since then, he’s maintained a low profile, with his last known location being Forest Park, Georgia. As for Marshae, he is serving his sentence at Telfair State Prison in McRae-Helena, Georgia.

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