Carlton and Shantel Oglesby: Where Are My 600-lb Life Participants Now?

Carlton and Shantel Oglesby, a sibling pair, captured the attention of viewers when they appeared on season 8 of TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ in 2020. At the outset, Carlton, the younger of the two, faced significant health challenges, weighing over 700 pounds at just 24 years old. His sister, Shantel, aged 31, struggled with her own weight, tipping the scales at around 600 pounds. Their journey on the show was not only a quest for personal transformation but also a testament to the bond they shared as siblings.

Carlton and Shantel’s Journey was Not Without Its Challenges

The show displayed how Shantel Oglesby’s husband, Michael, played a crucial role in her care, providing support as she navigated the complexities of her weight loss journey. With three children to raise, the couple faced challenges in spending quality time together due to their weight limitations. Motivated by a desire for a healthier future and a closer bond, Shantel and Carlton Oglesby embarked on their journey to seek the guidance of renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan, affectionately known as Dr. Now. For them, food had always been more than sustenance; it was a source of comfort and connection. Their tumultuous childhood, marked by frequent moves due to their father’s military service, fostered a deep bond between them.

Amidst the instability of their family life, food became a coping mechanism, offering solace in times of turmoil. Shantel reflected on the trauma of witnessing her mother’s abuse by their father, acknowledging the pivotal role food played in helping them navigate their tumultuous upbringing. Despite their close relationship, both siblings grappled with personal insecurities. Carlton, in particular, struggled with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem, hindering his ability to pursue romantic interests. However, with the support of his sister and the guidance of Dr. Nowzaradan, Carlton began to confront his fears and take steps toward personal growth.

Initially, both Shantel and Carlton faced setbacks when they failed to receive approval for surgery during their first check-up. However, their determination to make meaningful changes propelled them forward. Through sheer dedication and hard work, the siblings managed to shed a considerable amount of weight, with Carlton losing a total of 243 pounds and Shantel dropping 215 pounds by the end of the episode. As their journey on the show came to a close, Shantel and Carlton’s transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Their commitment to their health and well-being not only resulted in significant weight loss but also strengthened their bond as siblings.

Carlton and Shantel Exemplify Resilience and Grit in Their Lives Today

Since their appearance on the show, Shantel and Carlton Oglesby have continued their weight loss journey, each carving out their paths toward healthier lifestyles. Shantel, in particular, has been diligent in maintaining her progress, albeit with some fluctuations in her public presence. She launched a YouTube channel titled Shantel Sheds the Weight, aimed at documenting her journey and inspiring others, although the channel has not seen much activity in recent years, with the last video uploaded three years ago. However, she remains vocal about her gratitude for the opportunities afforded to her, attributing her continued transformation to the mercy of a higher power.

Her faith serves as a guiding light, motivating her to share her story and support others in their struggles. Beyond her YouTube endeavors, Shantel has ventured into entrepreneurship, leveraging her platform to promote various products. She advertises a range of items, including body scrubs, sunglasses, and self-defense products tailored for individuals on the go. Additionally, she launched a beauty line called Boujee Besties Beauty, although the site appears to be inactive at present. As an Ecommerce Business Owner at My Style Angels, she continues to explore avenues for personal and professional growth, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in her pursuits.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Shantel’s personal life has also undergone significant changes. In early 2022, she welcomed a new addition to her family, giving birth to a baby boy and expanding her brood to four children in total. Despite the demands of motherhood, she remains committed to her health journey, balancing the responsibilities of family life with her personal goals and aspirations. Meanwhile, Carlton’s post-show life has taken a more private turn. Following his engagement to Monica, he has opted for a quieter existence, eschewing the spotlight in favor of a more intimate lifestyle.

In July 2022, he shared a heartfelt photo of his hand intertwined with his significant other’s, accompanied by the joyous revelation that she had accepted his proposal. Since then, he has maintained a low profile, choosing to focus on building a life with his partner away from the public eye. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, both siblings exemplify resilience and determination, inspiring others with their ongoing transformations and unwavering commitment to health and happiness.

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