Is A League of Their Own’s Casey “Dove” Porter Based on a Real Baseball Coach?

Amazon Prime Video’s sports period series ‘A League of Their Own’ revolves around the formation of the women’s baseball team named the Rockford Peaches, which competes in the inaugural season of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. To coach the team, the influential owners bring Casey “Dove” Porter to Beyer Field, the home of the Peaches. Porter begins his tenure with an inspiring start as he demands to see a fire in his players for the team to establish itself in the league. However, his methods negatively affect the Peaches, jeopardizing their future as well. Naturally, the viewers must be eager to know whether the intricate character is based on a real former player and coach. Well, let us share the answer!

Is Casey “Dove” Porter Based on a Real Baseball Player and Coach?

No, Casey “Dove” Porter is not based on a real baseball player and coach. Created by Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson, the show is a “reimagining” of Penny Marshall’s 1992 eponymous film, which also revolves around the Rockford Peaches and All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. In the film, Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) coaches the Peaches. The writers of the film were reportedly inspired by famed baseball players Jimmie Foxx and Hack Wilson to conceive the alcoholic character. Nick Offerman’s Casey “Dove” Porter is the counterpart of Jimmy Dugan but the character isn’t based on any real-life baseball players or coaches like Jimmy.

In the film, the character Jimmy is a highly integral part of the narrative. Abbi and Will wanted to conceive a character who doesn’t garner more attention than the players of the Peaches, the principal characters of the show. “In some places where you go to watch the film, the description is that it’s about a washed-up player who goes to coach a women’s league, and it’s like, ‘That’s what this film is about?!’” Abbi told THR. “Tom Hanks is one of my favorite parts of that movie, but with this telling, the coach is not [at the center],” the co-creator added.

While conceiving the narrative of the show, Will and Abbi wanted the character of the coach to take a backseat for the focus to remain on the players. Abbi was very clear that her show is “not about the coach’s redemption story,” which seemingly led her and Will to not create another Jimmy while conceiving Porter. Rather than the male coach guiding the team to new heights, Will and Abbi’s show portrays how the women associated with the Peaches, including the players and chaperone, find motivations from within themselves to eventually have an unbeaten streak in the season. The show celebrates Carson Shaw and her fellow teammates’ achievements rather than limiting their success to the coach.

Even though Porter is a fictional character, Will and Abbi explore the prejudices and sexism that were present in the 1940s through the character. Porter represents several individuals, mostly men, who approached All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and the different teams as inferior to men’s baseball teams. He believes that the Peaches is a hopeless team and only accepts the job to get back to the spotlight and media attention after putting an end to his playing career. Porter, like many real-life individuals, incorrectly believes that a women’s team cannot perform well since baseball is supposedly a men’s sport.

The show then progresses through the Peaches’ incredible victories as Carson Shaw leads and motivates her team to several wins. Rather than placing Porter as the center of the Peaches’ incredible season, Will and Abbi’s show celebrates Carson’s achievements and the team’s success with her at the helm of the company.

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