Cassidy Mceown From Rust Valley Restorers: Everything We Know

Rust Valley Restorers‘ is a Canadian reality series that centers around “Rust Bros”, a company that puts in a lot of blood, sweat, and money to restore rusted vintage cars to their former glory. Owner of “Rust Bros” and the main star of the ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ is Mike Hall – eccentric hippie with a deep-rooted love for junk cars and not much business acumen. Mike has a reputation for hoarding scrap cars and he calls his five-acre property full of junk metal the land of dreams.

The show has had two successful seasons and fans of classic cars are excited about the third one as well. One of the most endearing cast members is Rust Bro’s newest employee – autobody apprentice Cassidy Mceown. Here’s all that we know about Cassidy.

Cassidy Mceown: Where is She From?

Originally hailing from North Carolina, US, Cassidy moved to British Columbia, Canada a few years ago. She lives with her gearhead parents (known to be Harley Davidson fans) in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. She’s an out and out country girl at heart and adores pickup trucks.

Being from a family of motorbike and car enthusiasts, Cassidy shares her parents’ love of automobiles. She claims to have been working on cars from a very young age. Even though she loves cars, it took three tries for Cassidy to get her driver’s license. In episode 2 of Season 1, when Mike asks Cassidy to drive somewhere to pick up a few parts that he wanted, Cassidy revealed that she doesn’t have a license to drive. Mike told her that to work at Rust Bros, driving is a requirement. Mike and Avery then proceed to spend some time to instruct Cassidy while she clumsily drives. By the end of the episode, Cassidy has gotten much better at driving and finally passes her driver’s test.

Cassidy went to the A.L. Fortune Secondary School in Enderby, British Columbia. She is currently pursuing a course in Auto Collision Repair from Okanagan College.

Cassidy Mceown: Age and Profession

Cassidy will turn 20 in December 2020. She joined the cast of ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ as a fresh-faced 17-year-old. Cassidy is a really good mechanic and is a fast-learner, as evidenced by the show. She is very passionate about cars and bikes, which is why Mike hired her in the first place.

For Cassidy, Mike is just the best boss ever. He is patient with her and takes the time to educate her about automobiles and restoration. As an autobody apprentice, Cassidy usually gets tasked with all the dirty work like scraping rust off of metal, disassembling parts, assembling them again, and cleaning up the garage. But she does it all diligently and without complaint.

Cassidy is of a sunny disposition and considers herself a tomboy, claiming that her dad taught her how to throw a ball, change the oil, shoot a gun, and bait a hook.

Cassidy likes to keep her love life private but her social media does feature old pictures with a boy named Stan Pinyon, but it doesn’t look like they’re together anymore. Reportedly, Cassidy is currently enjoying the single life.

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