Castlevania S02 Recap

While the first season of Castlevania played a key role in introducing us to all the pivotal characters, it was the second one where all the action took place. Although the second season has a fairly satisfying conclusion, it leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions in context with its newly introduced antagonists. So just to make sure that you’re well versed with these underlying potential plot points for the third season, read on further to quickly brush up your knowledge of the second installment of the series.

Dracula’s Plight and Motives

The second season begins with a flashback that shows how Lisa was nothing but a healer for the village. Unlike the Dracula or any other supernatural being in that matter, she did not use magic to heal people. Instead, she used ancient science to relieve people of their illnesses. But she was misunderstood and labeled as a witch.

While she was being burned alive on a stake, Dracula was out traveling the world to gather more knowledge on humanity. The episode later shows that despite being a vicious monster who has mercilessly killed humans in the past, he still has a heart and he deeply loved Lisa. However, his faith in humanity has now been completely destroyed and he’ll do anything to seek retribution for the murder of that one person he truly loved.

Discord in the Mansion

In the present moments of the series, several vampire overlords from all over the world assemble at Dracula’s Mansion. But almost all of them question Dracula’s approach with his war against humanity. The bickering further continues when a Viking Dracula named Godbrand confronts Dracula by claiming that ending humanity will eventually kill them as they won’t have a major food source. Adding to this, he also claims that the Dracula’s approach towards the war is completely mundane and lacks the use of any strategies or maps. Unfortunately for him, his voice is dwindled by Dracula himself.

When Dracula appoints two human necromancers named Hector and Isaac to lead his attack on humanity, he is again questioned for putting his faith in humans. He backs up his decisions by saying that Hector and Isaac’s hate against their own people is pure and is not biased in any way. Later in the series, while Dracula struggles to make sense out of his own decisions, some of his men vow to comply with every decision he takes, even if it eventually leads to the end of their kind, while others begin plotting against him.

The New Antagonist

Despite his rough exterior Godbrand just proves to be a whiny warrior who lacks the courage to stand up front against Dracula. However, later in the series, a vampire mistress named Carmilla appears at Dracula’s court and asks him why he never bothered converting Lisa into a vampire. She further confronts him by calling his late wife a mere slave. She encourages the Dracula to target the city of Brăila and just to shut her down, he agrees. Little does he know that she has armies waiting in the town to attack the Castle and overthrow his rule.

The Ruins of Belmont

While the matters at the castle get extremely tense, Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha, race against time to save the world from the Dracula’s fury. With other malevolent forces coming into play, the dynamic trio makes its way to Trevor’s old Belmont mansion in the hope that they’ll find a way to locate Dracula’s moving mansion. They delve deep into the Belmont ruins where everything from ancient magic spells to vampire-slaying weapons can be found.

After frantically turning the whole place upside down, Sypha finally derives a spell to teleport Dracula’s castle right above them and while she does that, Dracula’s dark forces somehow manage to find their whereabouts and try to kill them. But that’s when Trevor takes it upon himself to protect Sypha and do that one thing he’s really good at—ruthless monster-slaying.

The Ending

Meanwhile, at the castle, Dracula is betrayed by Carmilla and Hector, who is one of the two human necromancers he had trusted. Carmilla’s army infiltrates Dracula’s castle and attacks all the remaining Generals who are still loyal to him. With this, Carmilla and Hector make an escape and Hector realizes that he has betrayed his master for nothing. Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha finally enter the castle and an epic battle ensues between them and the legendary Dracula. Still loyal to him, Dracula’s other human necromancer, Isaac, tries his best to protect him till the very end. But this makes the Dracula realize how valuable he is and he decides to teleport him to a distant desert.

Dracula then single-handedly thrashes the three heroes until he ends up in Trevor’s old room. This leads him to the realization that by killing his own son, Alucard, he is not honoring the death of his wife but is insulting it. Taking his vulnerable moment as an opportunity to end him, Alucard rips a bed frame and stabs his father with it. To end this with a ritual, Sypha sets his body on fire and finally brings an end to an immortal legend.

In the end, it was Dracula’s own hate that consumed him and led him into forgetting everything that he still has. His hate forced him to take such extreme actions that he almost ended up killing his own son just to seek revenge. Although he may not show it, somewhere deep down even Alucard regrets killing his own father and eventually decides to go back into his deep slumber. But that’s when Trevor hands him over the ruins of his own family and asks him to protect all the wisdom and knowledge that was collected by his ancestors along with that of his own father’s legacy that still exists in the castle through his books and research. With this Trevor and Sypha embark on an adventurous romantic getaway while Alucard begins to crumble against the weight of murdering his own father.

In the meantime, Carmilla succeeds with her plan of killing Dracula and heads back to her own kingdom with Hector as her slave. Somewhere in the middle of a desert, Isaac runs into a gang of outlaws who try to overpower him but instantly regret it. He then uses them to create his very own army and heads back to the real world with an undying will and a firm purpose to avenge Dracula’s death. The Dracula may be dead but Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha will now have to face Isaac, Hector and of course, the evil mistress, Carmilla.

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