Catja and Adde: Is the Love is Blind Sweden Couple Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden‘ is well-known for creating some extremely heartwarming stories, even if the path of some is not what one might expect, even from an unconventional show like this one. A prime example of this is the connection that blossomed between Catja Lövstrand and Andreas ”Adde” Tzelidis, which few saw coming, especially since one of them was set to be married to someone else for a major part of season 1. Naturally, the world is eager to know more about the current status of their relationship.

Catja and Adde’s Journey Together

Both Catja Lövstrand and Adde Tzelidis were part of season 1 of the Swedish Netflix reality series, though they did not get off to the best start. Following their first date in the pods, Catja was intrigued about Adde but was let down when there was no second date from his side, which left her wondering if he did not think her interesting. As such, she took the initiative to ask for a second date with him, something that Adde agreed to.

During their second date, Adde commented how he wanted a relationship that would make him and his partner a subject of everyone’s envy. He went on to explain that he hoped that his relationship would leave people feeling that they wanted something just like what he had. Though she enjoyed her time with Adde, Catja could not help but feel that Adde was actually looking for a trophy wife, which is why she decided not to pursue the connection anymore.

However, following her broken engagement with Christofer Pocock, Catja hoped to move on. In late May 2023, she and Emilia Holmqvist went to a party attended by various other cast members of the show, where she and Adde saw each other for the first time. Both of them instantly felt attracted to each other at their very first sight, with Adde claiming that he had started to fall for her then and there, while Catja recalled how she felt like she was in the presence of her best friend, even during their first meeting.

Catja and Adde Are Living Together

We are excited to share that Catja Lövstrand and Adde Tzelidis are still in a happy relationship with each other. Given that they first met in May 2023, the two have known each other for six months and have been in a relationship for a significant part of the mentioned duration. Even though the reality TV stars did not have the on-screen journey they expected from the Netflix show, the social experiment did help them come together and fall in love.

During the reunion of season 1 of ‘Love is Blind: Sweden,’ Catja and Adde shared that they were now living together. They went on to add that things between them were quite great, and they could see themselves living happily in each other’s company for the foreseeable future. A major reason that they cited as to why their bond was flourishing so much was their shared dreams and goals, which allowed them to be on the same page often. While the news did not leave Christofer Pocock the happiest man on earth, he did congratulate the two on finding love with each other.

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