Cecilia Aldarondo and Gabe Kristal: Exploring Their Relationship

Image Credit: Gabriel Kristal/Instagram

Max’s ‘You Were My First Boyfriend’ delves deep into the intricacies of the romantic fascinations from the teen years of Cecilia Aldarondo. Her explorations of feelings attached to love, both for herself, her friend, and her potential romantic interest, truly make the movie a captivating watch. However, the film also sheds light on the filmmaker’s much more recent foray into the world of romance, partially thanks to her partnership with Gabriel “Gabe” Kristal. Their on-screen chemistry has compelled the world to wonder many things, including if the two are still together.

Cecilia Aldarondo’s relationship with Gabe Kristal is shown in the Max movie as one that you cannot help but feel happy about. Not only is the filmmaker content about her dynamic with her partner, but she also does not shy away from sharing with him her deeply held secrets. In fact, she candidly tells him about just how passionately she had felt for her school day crush, Joel, and her imagination about how the two might have together as a couple.

Rather than getting upset about her past feelings for another person, Gabe listens to Cecilia intently and even enjoys her own amusement about the whole ordeal. In the movie, Cecilia mentions how she used to sleep thinking about being romantically involved with fictional characters depicted in movies and TV shows. In fact, to depict her teenage appreciation for male leads from movies that were popular in her younger years, Cecilia enlists Gabe’s help as he portrays one such character.

All of this is a highly strong indication of the chemistry between Cecilia and Gabe themselves. The couple has been together for well over eleven years and has been married for nine of those. Over the years, they have created many memories together, whether it be attending sporting events together or walking the red carpet at each other’s sides. While the strength that Cecilia showcased while trying to revisit some of the hardest years of her life is nothing short of commendable, it seems like an undeniable fact that she gained much of it from the love and support that has been constantly by her side, thanks to her loved ones like Gabe.

Cecilia Aldarondo and Gabe Kristal Are Still Together

Fans of Cecilia Aldarondo will certainly be glad to know that her relationship with Gabe Kristal continues to thrive. The couple completed ten years together in August 2022, the same month in which they also celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. The filmmaker and her partner seem to cherish every moment that they have with each other and never waver in their support for the other. Cecilia especially has been quite thankful for Gabe’s help for her movie, ‘You Were My First Boyfriend.’

“Exactly one year ago today, this man donned a wig, walked down the hallway of my old high school, and took my hand. And three days ago, I got to celebrate his silver screen debut,” Cecilia shared, referring to the movie’s 2023 SXSW premiere. “If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. [Gabe Kristal], you set the bar, and I love you for it.” In turn, Gabe has always been more than happy to brag about his wife’s achievements, never failing to tell others about everything that she has accomplished.

As of writing, Cecilia and Gabe seem quite content in their lives, both professionally and personally. The two take much delight in being in each other’s company. They also adore their two dogs, Hugo and Vidal, who are a huge part of their joyous family. From happy vacations to stealing food off each other’s plates, the couple continues to keep growing, something, we can not help but feel happy by.

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