Celia and Miguel: Are the Love Island Spain Winners Still Together?

Isolated from the world for six weeks, a streak of single men and women embark on a whirlwind journey to find a genuine connection in ‘Love Island Spain.’ A spin-off of the original series, this dating show chronicles the drama and heartbreak that follows individuals in their search for love. With challenges, interpersonal hiccups, and surprises at every corner, the singles try to find love and earn lasting memories with the right person. Celia and Miguel are two individuals whose love and journey on the show have enthralled countless. Naturally, fans continue to wonder more about the couple since their time on the show.

Celia and Miguel’s Love Island Spain Journey

Entering the tropical paradise on day 1, both Celia Zanon and Miguel Lopez were holding out hope for love. At 26, Celia had been working as a nurse and was yet to find someone she could establish a future with. Similarly, 24-year-old Miguel had also dabbled in the dating scene but hadn’t found a person with whom he could embark on a life-long journey. As the duo locked eyes at the first coupling, sparks flew. After partnering up with each other on Day 1, Celia and Miguel kickstarted the journey of their ever-evolving connection on the show.

In the beginning, Celia made it apparent that even though she’s beginning to trust Miguel, she still wants to take things slow. Slowly, the couple won each other’s trust and grew closer as they laid bare their past, future, and the things they hoped for from life. However, their relationship wasn’t without its ups and downs. In addition to getting warped in the drama with other members of the house, their connection was tested once again when Adonis and Angel were introduced to the members of the villa.

The two single men ended up choosing Celia for a sole date mere days away from the final. Likewise, Miguel also ventured onto different paths when he explored a prospective connection with Marina and Cynthia on two dates. Nevertheless, Celia and Miguel still chose each other in the final coupling and headed into the finals hand in hand. Their love and affection for each other didn’t just win them a relationship but also led them to walk away with 25,000 euros in cash prize.

Celia and Miguel Are Still in Love

Laying their hearts bare in the tropical paradise, Celia and Miguel had grown extremely close in their time on the show. Walking out with promises of forever, the couple has since grown as a duo and still remains enthralled by each other. After leaving the ‘Love Island’ villa, Miguel and Celia began planning for a future together. The two have since become a vital part of each other’s life.

In addition to going on dates and creating new memories, Miguel and Celia are also avid travelers. Their penchant for globetrotting has since taken them to an array of places. After finishing up their stint in reality television, the couple took to other exotic locations and experienced the bliss of their newfound love together. The couple recently celebrated their two-year anniversary. While their time on the show has won them love, it has also given them the ability to widen their professional network. Once a skilled electrician, Miguel is now a digital creator, too. With an ever-evolving following on social media, the television personality continues to use his social media to showcase his skills in photography and editing.

He also shares his latest adventures across Europe with fans online. Similarly, Celia has also climbed the ladder of success. The certified nurse is now an online creator, too. From endorsing tried and tested products to attending premiers, she continues to scale her abilities. During their time on the show, the two had shared a mutual desire to create a family together. While the couple hasn’t been public about their plans for the future, we continue to look forward to all the professional and personal achievements they will accomplish in the future!

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