Cely Vazquez From Love Island: Everything We Know 

An exotic villa in Fiji containing sizzling-hot boys and girls who are looking for love- is this not the dream? It might be for you, but the 11 contestants selected for the show “Love Island” will be living this dream-scenario as the reality. The show has already been filmed and is ready to be aired by CBS on August 24, 2020. One of the few lucky people on earth who are looking forward to meeting the love of her life in such a luxurious setting is Cely Vazquez. Already entering the show with a fanbase of her own, she truly is the definition of beauty with brains! 

Cely Vazquez: Where is She From?

The gorgeous Cely Vazquez grew up in the bright and sunny Manteca in natural surroundings. She then moved to Sacramento, California, and currently resided at the same place. During her high school years, her physique-game was on point. Thus, she was selected as the captain of the cheerleading team.


She loves to travel and from various posts on her social media account, it looks like she has been to every beach in California. She loves the waves, the vibe, and the calmness it brings to her. 


Cely does not want her fans to assume that her athletic body is god-gifted. It takes years of disciplined eating and sweating out each day to maintain it. It has been years since she ate “solid” food, and this does not come as a surprise to anyone who has seen her hot-bod. 


Cely Vazquez: Age and Profession


Born on May 24, 1996, Cely turned 24 this year and from the looks of it, celebrated her birthday quite well. Even after days of partying and fun, she feels gloomy while accepting that her birthday bash has indeed come to an end. 


Cely Vazquez is a ‘glam and no sham’ kind of girl as she has gained a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Sacramento. To put her graduation certificate to use, she has worked as a legal secretary before cast as an “Islander” by CBS network. She also uploads her singing videos on YouTube and Instagram in which she attempts various cover songs. Cely showcases her natural talent and polishes it with constant rehearsals. 


The free-spirited girl admits that she is “extra” and has the tendency to laugh out at inappropriate times. She is extremely talented and so well dressed at all times that her social media account can be seen flooded with collaboration offers.


Cely is a staunch believer in zodiac signs and their potential to make or break relationships. Her last relationship ended because of incompatibility that was bound to follow. Her ex-boyfriend was a Virgo and she is a Gemini, so naturally (for her) arguments between them were endless. On “Love Island”, Cely is looking for someone who has a good sense of humor and does not take things too seriously. Her quirky side asks of her to find a man she can go on the ‘Star Wars’ marathon with. 

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