Charlise Chaney: Squid Game Player 179 is an Educator Even Today

Even though Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is not a matter of life or death in any way, absolutely nobody can deny there is still a lot at stake — a reputation and $4.56 million, to be exact. It thus comes as no surprise that players from across the globe do their best (read: their worst) to be the last one standing through brutal eliminations, cunning strategies, plus profiting alliances. Amongst them to navigate it all for a long while was actually Charlise Chaney — Player 179 — an admittedly impulsive yet intelligent individual who did amazingly well to gradually establish herself.

The truth is Chaney initially kept away from the limelight, which enabled her to really grasp the essence of her competitors in terms of both their core gameplays as well as their root personalities. And that’s what she utilized to make decisions concerning who to be around, who to be wary of, who to eliminate, etc. — albeit daily minor dormitory instances also played a crucial role in such matters. This much was evident in how she steadily evolved into a group leader before announcing herself, making us all the more curious about who she is behind the scenes, so here’s what we know.

Where is Charlise Chaney Now?

It was back when Chaney was just a young girl that she was first introduced to the intricate world of mathematics like everyone else, but for her, it soon became a passion she couldn’t ever let go of. She hence enrolled at Texas Southern University in Houston as soon as she was able to earn a Bachelor’s in this field before pursuing a Master’s in Education from the University of Houston-Victoria. Then came her landing her dream job as a math teacher thanks to newfound skills such as curriculum development, data analysis, educational leadership, project control, plus product growth.

“I have been told that, you know, I do come across as intimidating,” Chaney candidly conceded in the original production. “Like, I have a math degree. I have a Master’s degree. So, not only am I beautiful, but I’m also intelligent. You know, men, they don’t typically like beautiful, smart women. They kinda like beautiful, dimbo women, but I have the entire package.” She then added her “biggest weakness” is “making impulsive decisions, which means… I’m being impatient, and I’m not thinking thoroughly through” — something that kind of came up during the number-voting elimination test.

Nevertheless, Chaney was able to dodge any backlash and lasting negative speculations from this thanks to her alliance because they fully backed her choice prior to eliminating other threats too. So, with her even having revealed, “I have a great mind, you know? Like, I can think through everything, but under pressure, you make a mistake just like that,” her journey iterated she’s simply human. Yet, with the skills in her arsenal, her brilliant intellect, her communication prowess, as well as her sociability, she managed to climb the ‘Squid Game’ ladder without letting her confidence turn into cockiness.

Coming to Chaney’s precise current standing, it’s apparent she’s still serving as an Educator in Houston, Texas — she’s actually an Algebra I Team Lead in the Alief Independent School District. However, despite being incredibly proud of her position — one she has held for nearly a decade — she’s now looking for more as an aspiring public speaker and a member of the corporate world. It really appears as if she’s hoping to transition into the private sector as a way to not just challenge herself but also grow to no extent. As for her background, familial connections, or personal experiences, unfortunately, we do not know much regarding the same considering she prefers to keep details of the same well away from the spotlight for privacy.

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