Chantel and Giannis: Relationship Status of the 90 Day Fiance Couple

In season 4 of TLC’s ’90 Day: The Single Life,’ a recently separated Chantel Everett was seen trying to navigate the waters of singlehood. However, love did not seem too far from the reality TV star when she met with Giannis Varouxakis. The journey that the two embarked on was certainly not an easy one, with Chantel worried about another heartbreak and wary of repeating patterns. Keeping in mind how things have unfolded between the two, the possibility of them being a couple has kept many fans hooked.

Chantel and Giannis’ Not That Easy Greek Love Story

In order to refresh herself from the tumultuous separation process from her ex-husband, Pedro Jimeno, Chantel Everett decided to travel to Greece with her friends. Despite still recovering from her past marriage, Chantel found herself succumbing to the charms of Giannis Varouxakis when she met him at a club while being heavily encouraged by her friends. The revelation that the man in front of her was a soccer player certainly seemed enticing to Chantel.

Though Chantel had met him only the first time, he did not waste much time in revealing to Giannis about her marriage. His nonchalant acceptance of the same seemed to impress Chantel, who wondered if it was a Greek thing or a Giannis’ specialty. In a mood to explore how things might go, Chantel and his friends decided to travel for four hours to meet Giannis in his hometown, Crete, Greece. The dinner date that followed allowed them to open up much more. While Giannis confessed that he was looking to settle down, Chantel could not help jokingly express how she remained wary of her future husband’s family.

While Giannis remained adamant that he and his family were close, he also added that “it’s not going to be any like involvement. I was always, like, kept that separate.” The Greek man then asked Chantel if she would consider moving to Greece to be with him, to which she alluded it would depend upon how things go. The two then shared a kiss, which seemed like a promising sign of a future together.

However, Chantel could not help but feel apprehensive about setting herself up for failure. It did not help that Giannis invited her and her friends to a snail festival, but while there, he did not seem to pay enough attention to her. The fact that she had never actually eaten a snail and certainly didn’t care for it after the first bite did not help matters. This made Chantel wonder once more if this was going to be a repeat of her past hurts.

As Chantel’s time in Greece started to end, she could not help but feel regretful about how things had turned out between ehr Giannis, lamenting that his attention suddenly seemed to have decreased. However, the Greek footballer was able to rectify the situation soon by confessing that he did like Chantel but assured her that he found her exceedingly beautiful. Somewhat mollified, Chantel still remained on edge about how things might go.

Chantel and Giannis Decided to Give Their Relationship a Try

Just a day before Chantel Everett was about to depart from Greece, Giannis Varouxakis invited her on a mystery date. Ready to show off his skills, he had arranged for them to spend time at a football court, an activity Chantel also took part in. The two then talked more about their time together, with Chantel raising the question of how things were supposed to go after this. Giannis admitted that while he was still trying to figure things out and felt that they needed more time, given their unique situation.

That said, Giannis also shared that he was not averse to traveling to the US to meet Chantel, which could be followed by her visiting him in Greece. The sentiment certainly seemed to make Chantel happy, who happily shared a kiss with Giannis. The next day, a bittersweet Chantel was just about to leave for the airport but found Giannis approaching her with a bouquet, reiterating his promise to her, much to the joy. It seems like the system that they had seemingly decided on might still be in place. During the reunion episode of ’90 Day: The Single Life’ season 4, Chantel confirmed that she and Giannis were still in contact.

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