Are Debbie and Ruben From 90 Day The Single Life Still Together?

TLC’s ’90 Day: The Single Life’ is one of the most beloved parts of the ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ franchise, given how it gives viewers to learn more about the stars of the original series whose first on-screen attempts at romance did not have the most favorable endings. In season 4 of the show, Debbie Aguero was ready to leave her past behind and renew her faith in love. As such, when she met Ruben Sanchez, the fans became quite invested in what might be going on between the two.

Debbie and Ruben Bonded Over Common Interests

After her doomed romance with Oussama in ‘0 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,’ Debbie Aguero professed in season 4 of ’90 Day: The Single Life’ how she wanted to find someone again. Initially, she had thought that she had found her match in a man named Russ, with whom she even went on a date and opened up about her relationship with Oussama. However, after Russ apparently made fun of the situation, Debbie decided to move on.

In fact, she happily confessed that she had found another suitor for her heart via the internet. The lucky man in question was none other than Ruben Sanchez, whom Debbie affection dubbed Rubern The Cuban, alluding to his Cuban roots. She shared how Ruben was close to her in age, having appeared on the show at the age of 58, while Debbie herself was 67. The two bonded over their love for life, flair, and travel, with Ruben claiming that he had been to 60 countries.

Claiming that he was falling for her, Ruben requested that Debbie come to Miami, Florida, to meet him so that he could show her the city’s Cuban culture that he loves so much. Debbie decided to take the leap of faith and went to Florida with her son Julian B Lin, who was concerned that his mother might be moving too fast. After coming to Miami, Debbie went up to meet Ruben and was somewhat taken aback by his balloons and colorful shirt, which she claimed might be too much even by her standards. However, she did not back out and was ready to explore the city with her new love interest.

Ruben himself stated that he wanted something long-lasting and was quite happy with Debbie’s vibrant nature. The two visited Ball And Chain, where they spent a considerable amount of time dancing. However, Debbie was also unsure about the physical aspect of the relationship, claiming that she had not been with anyone for 14 years, which made her unsure about certain things. That said, she did seem to appreciate the kiss that Ruben had given her after he dropped her off at her hotel.

This was far from the end for Ruben, who expressed that he would like to spend more time with Debbie the next day, which she agreed to. This time around, Ruben took Debbie to meet with his father, a gesture that Debbie could not help but appreciate. Later, the two discussed the details of their future relationship, with Ruben sharing that since he was serving as a caretaker for his parents, he could not move out of Miami. Appreciating his dedication to his family, Debbie pondered about moving to Miami but was afraid of how Julian would take the news.

Indeed, Julian was not exactly on board with the idea of Debbie planning to move to Miami so soon into a relationship with someone she had not even known for a long time. Fearing that his mother might be repeating mistakes from her past, Julian decided to vet her mother’s new partner himself. Not only did he grill Ruben about his past record with law, but he also disclosed details about how Oussama had been about 43 years younger than Debbie. Later, Ruben discusses it all with Debbie, being a bit concerned about her actions. However, they were able to sort things out, though Debbie became a bit upset with her son for discussing this with Ruben.

Debbie and Ruben Are Exploring Their Connection

As of writing, Debbie Aguero and Ruben Sanchez have not opened up much about the current status of their relationship. That said, the two continue to follow each other on Instagram, indicating, if nothing else, a continued existence of an amicable connection. Additionally, Ruben has been happily promoting his reality TV debut and has even posted pictures of them together.

Given the easy connection that Debbie and Ruben had formed during their time on the show, fans have been rooting for the two to remain together. Debbie herself has garnered many supporters thanks to her charming personality, with many believing that Ruben might just be the man for her, despite the reservations expressed by Debbie’s son Julian B Lin. As such, fans were delighted when Debbie confirmed during the ’90 Day: The Single Life’ season 4 reunion that she and Ruben were still very much in touch and were happily exploring their dynamic as a couple.

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